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Whether a planned construction site or an unexpected, malfunctioning fire alarm or sprinkler system; both require immediate attention. The potential for disaster is high and the safety of your property, employees, residents and customers is in jeopardy. In these situations, you need professional fire watch security company that you can trust.  

When you are in need of responsive, permanent, or temporary fire watch services, Off Duty Officers has an expert team ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. Our licensed security guards have years of experience working in industries across the board, including: 

  • Apartment Communities 
  • Nursing Homes 
  • HOAs
  • Hospitals 
  • Remodels
  • Construction Sites 
  • Retail Stores
  • Business Parks
  • Corporate Offices
  • Universities 
  • Special Events 

At Off Duty Officers, we work with each client to create a custom fire watch security plan that meets their needs and falls within their budgets. Our team understands the fire watch laws in your area and works hard to ensure that your business follows all regulations so you can avoid unnecessary fines or shutdowns. 

This safety service is critical to your business and should be left in the hands of a competent and experienced crew of fire watch professionals. If you are in the market for a security guard company to protect your business, contact Off Duty Officers today for a custom quote and to learn more about how our team can help. 

Providing Skilled Fire Watch Services Throughout The United States:

California: Los Angeles | Riverside | San Diego | Orange County

Texas: Austin | Dallas | Houston | El Paso

Colorado: Denver | Colorado Springs | Golden

Washington: Seattle | Spokane | Takoma | Bellevue


What is Fire Watch?

Business owners may be required to deploy a fire watch by the National Fire Protection Association 101 Life Safety Code. A fire watch is defined as one or more persons who are assigned to physically patrol a building or property to check for fire hazards. These specially deployed security guards may be required under a number of different circumstances including: 

  • “Hot Work” such as welding or other open flame jobs 
  • Frozen or damaged pipes
  • Equipment failures including fire alarm and sprinkler systems 
  • Pre-planned events such as inspections or regular maintenance 
  • Water supply interruptions 
  • Power outages 

Failure to comply with your local regulations regarding fire watch could result in fines or even business closures. The requirements vary among jurisdictions, so it is crucial that businesses work with fire watch security companies that have experience working in their areas. 

What Our Fire Watch Teams Can Do for Your Business

No two sites are the same. For that reason, our guards must be acutely aware of the unique needs of each client. However, there are a number of standard tasks that a firewatch guard patrol is required to accomplish while on duty. 

Fire watch guards will:  

  • Watch for signs of a fire such as smoke, increased temperatures, flames or odors. 
  • Identify other potential hazards that could pose safety issues or impede the ability of emergency response teams to combat a fire. 
  • Check exits to make sure there are no blockages or other hazards that would prevent an evacuation. 
  • Verify that fire extinguishers are present and in working order. 
  • Carry appropriate supplies that would allow them to combat a small fire or assist in evacuation procedures such as fire extinguishers, flashlights, building keys and communication devices. 
  • Understand the building layout and evacuation procedures.
  • Possess pertinent contact information for business owners or other business contacts as well as local law enforcement and fire departments. 

Depending on the severity of the risk, fire watch patrols will make their rounds at regular intervals until the danger is mitigated. Guards are required to keep a log of each patrol round, to include information such as date and time of the patrol, name of the patrolling guard, status of the patrol and record of any incident, among other things. 

In an emergency, fire watch guards are trained to follow your business’s emergency protocols. Unless they are certain that they can safely and adequately manage a fire situation, guards do not attempt to extinguish fires on the premises. 

Does Your Business Need Fire Watch Services?

If you are unsure if your business needs fire watch services, we recommend contacting your local Fire Marshall. The repercussions of not having a fire watch plan in place can be severe. You do not want to risk the safety of your property, people and business. 

Off Duty Officers is the leading fire watch security company in the United States. Our fire watch guards are skilled, reliable, and highly-trained - and they care about the safety of your business. When your fire alarm or sprinkler system is down, there is only one security company that you need to monitor and protect your most valuable assets. Off Duty Officers fire watch security teams are ready to deploy to you 24/7. 

24-Hour Fire Watch Services with Off Duty Officers

When reputation and reliability are critical, Off Duty Officers is just one call away. Our teams can be dispatched nationwide when you need them most. Guards will arrive ready to work and fully equipped to start their patrols immediately, reducing the amount of time that your property is vulnerable to an emergency.  

To learn more about Fire Watch Security services with Off Duty Officers, contact us at 844-247-3868 or get an instant quote on our website today. 


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