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The City of Mission is located in beautiful Texas. A friendly town of community members who have a long history and many stories about Mission’s growth over the years. As population increases and more development is taking place, both the city and local businesses are looking for better ways to protect those who reside and do businesses in this special place.

The City of Mission provides exceptional customer service through dedicated leadership and efficient use of resources to enhance the quality of life in our community. – City of Mission, Mission Statement

Many families choose Mission due to its small-town feel and growing economy. As businesses choose to either expand or break ground here, new construction is on the rise. As companies invest in new buildings, protecting the sites during construction and expensive building materials is essential. Off Duty Officers offer unmatched expertise for those seeking excellent security guard coverage for their event, residential area, or business needs.

Mission's Most Common Security Guard Needs

In Mission, security guards are being placed to help protect construction sites provide fire watch services as well as high-attendee community events. Off Duty Officers, founded more than 29 years ago, understands the needs of the Mission community.

Construction Sites – security is necessary to deter criminal activity, including vandalism and theft. Material costs are higher than ever and having someone designated to monitor and handle any attempts to damage or take expensive materials is worth the investment. Off Duty Officers will also do a preliminary perimeter check to identify any vulnerable access areas. If no fencing exists, providing a 24-hour watch allows protection during and after working hours. During the day, security guards can also track and monitor the site, making sure only those with approved access enter.

Fire Watch – hiring security guards to provide fire watch security is essential to ensure the safety of the people in Mission. Placed according to the specific needs of the fire watch, Off Duty’s professional security guards will provide the best services available. They have been trained to identify potentially dangerous situations and handle emergencies if they occur. Hiring the best security guards available means taking the best care of those on-site.

Community Events – some of the incredible highlights for the people of Mission are the special events, nights in the park, market days, and parades. As visitors and residents attend these occasions with their families, having armed or unarmed security allows everyone in attendance to thoroughly enjoy themselves without worrying about disruptions or their safety. In a street parade, making sure the safety of those attending is a high priority and keeping the streets clear. Only the most experienced security guards are able to masterfully handle disruptions quietly and discreetly, allowing bystanders to continue in the celebration.

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Up-to-Date Protection

Businesses continue to seek the most experienced security guards from Off Duty Officers. The men and women who comprise the expert team of security guards have backgrounds in law enforcement and the military. This professional group of guards brings a wealth of experience and continues training through Off Duty for specific industry needs and trending threats. If you need security guards who are up to date on training, you can be assured when using Off Duty officers. When a security guard from Off Duty Officers arrives on the assignment, they are highly trained, experienced, professional, and ready to work hard.

Mission Security Guard Solutions

Any security guard working for Off Duty Officers knows how to handle emergencies with expertise. Trained at the highest level for first aid and working with other emergency and law enforcement agencies, security guards take the pressure and stress out of any situation. Able to implement evacuation plans and get people to safety is something most people plan for but never expect to happen. When an emergency does occur, not everyone with the knowledge can effectively do what needs to be done. That is something anyone using Off Duty Officers' security guards will not think twice. These expertly trained guards expect to take action with confidence in any emergency. The city and private businesses in Mission continue to seek professional assistance to protect its precious citizens.

Finding the best security guards available in Mission, Texas, means calling Off Duty Officers. Specialists are available any time of day to get the details of your unique needs and offer a free quote on the spot. Do not delay and call Off Duty Officers today and provide the people of Mission a higher level of protection and safety.

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