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Oakland, quite literally, has something for everyone—a bustling city that welcomes visitors, residents, and businesses to live the ideal California life. With countless outdoor activities surrounding a busy and thriving metropolitan area, Oakland serves as the Bay Area's trade center and the busiest port in Northern California. All major businesses in Oakland rely on the professional security services of Off Duty Officers. Whether transportation, manufacturing, government, healthcare, arts and culture, or other companies, we cater to the variety of needs of our Oakland customers. Oakland maintains high safety standards, and Off Duty Officers adhere to and exceed the needs of large and small businesses.

Oakland businesses have depended on Off Duty Officers for over 30 years, and we continue to be Oakland's #1 security provider. Our services to corporations, small businesses, residents, private events, and personal security can't be matched anywhere. Our security solutions are customized to each unique need, and our security personnel team is licensed, bonded, and insured, ready to hit the ground running when they arrive on assignment. We are so confident in our services that we do not require contracts and can meet well-planned or last-minute needs.

Our expertise in all things related to construction site overwatch, retail security, loss prevention, workplace safety, and event security coverage allows Oakland peace of mind. The residents, businesses and visitors value the presence of excellent security personnel, and when you consider providing security guards in Oakland, contact Off Duty Officers. Our security solutions coordinator is waiting to answer your questions and provide you with a hassle-free quote. We never oversell our Oakland clients on security and work with all budgets and various security needs. We are equipped to provide armed and unarmed guards, in uniform or street attire, for short and long-term needs. If you need private security for any reason in Oakland, Off Duty Officers has an affordable and comprehensive solution.

Owned and operated by retired military and law enforcement personnel, we pride ourselves on excellence and experience in providing Oakland with the #1 security protection and overwatch available.

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The safety of Oaklands residents and visitors is a top priority. Oakland's growing and booming city and the ideal climate allow significant events to occur throughout the year. Large outdoor events and private events all benefit from security. The presence of security establishes authority and ensures order, deterring crime and disruptive behavior. Our trained guards are effective, armed or unarmed, and are fully trained in de-escalation and problem-solving. When our security guards arrive, they do an immediate risk assessment and work collaboratively with the customer to ensure all the security needs are met and security concerns mitigated.

Our reputation of going above and beyond for our Oakland clients makes up the city’s most requested and highly rated security provider in the area. As Oakland continues to thrive, we are there for every security and safety need. Our security team members are customer-oriented and deliver excellent service time after time. Off Duty Officers is the most requested provider of top-notch security, which is why our customers continue to rely on us for their security needs. If you want dedication, professionalism, and expertise, you only need to make one call to Off Duty Officers. Even if you aren’t sure what your custom security solution looks like, our coordinator partners with Oakland clients to get them exactly what they need at the cost they can afford.

Workplace, Construction Site, and Fire Safety

In Oakland, workplace safety is a growing area for security. Off Duty Officers provide workplace safety and security for high-risk employee terminations, special events, and lobby overwatch. Our professional security services include parking lot and garage monitoring and access for staff and visitors. Whether for a special event or daily security coverage, Off Duty Officers will meet and exceed the needs of Oakland clients. Open construction sites are vulnerable to unauthorized access, vandalism, and theft. Security presence has prevented many crimes and loss of resources over the last three decades. Additionally, Fire Watch security guards are often part of Oaklands Fire Code during safety equipment installation, updates, replacement, and hot work processes. Each of our guards' varied backgrounds and experience allows Oakland to continue working at the highest safety levels and beyond when partnering with Off Duty Officers.

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oakland street mallWhen it comes to Oakland’s safety, Off Duty Officers understand better than anyone how high a priority the people, businesses, and visitors are to this fantastic city. Off Duty Officers, for more than 30 years, has taken pride in the skill and excellence of each security guard. We take every measure to ensure that customers are getting exceptional service and value for their investment when our security personnel arrive on the job in Oakland. Oakland cares about protecting the people and resources in the area, especially because it serves as a main port for transportation. When Oakland needs the best security services available, they can always depend on Off Duty Officers.

Retail and Event Security in Oakland

Off Duty Officers specialize in loss prevention and are able to provide the highest quality security for retail and events throughout the area. Our guards are fully trained and continue training to ensure up-to-date knowledge of threats and solutions. Our guards are familiar with Oakland codes to ensure safety at events that may exceed capacity. Retail shops, strip malls, and large shopping centers rely on Off Duty Officers for customer-service-based security. A visual deterrent to theft, vandalism, and other crimes, a uniformed officer can send a clear message that they should move on. We have more than 30 years of working with small and large businesses in Oakland and continue to grow with the city's needs.

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