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When it comes to equipping Riverside residents and businesses with the most qualified and reputable security personnel in the county, Off Duty Officers, Inc. sets the industry standard for excellence. We lead the security industry in Riverside County, offering fully licensed, bonded, and insured professionals with backgrounds, training, and experience that make them the industry's most qualified and skilled security guards.

Off Duty Officers, Inc. is wholly dedicated to providing the best safety and security, no matter the security need. We offer flexibility and affordability that other providers can’t compete with and work with clients to meet their unique, sometimes urgent, security needs. Off Duty Officers is known for working diligently with Riverside clients to find affordable security solutions. We specialize in custom security solutions that fit clients' security needs, whether requiring short-term, long-term, armed, or unarmed coverage. We have a deep roster of trained guards in every major area of security needs in Riverside.

Off Duty Officer Security Expertise:

  • Construction Site Security
  • Fire Watch
  • High-Risk Employee Terminations
  • School Campus Safety
  • Event Security
  • VIP and Travel Protection
  • Hospital Security
  • Retail and Loss Prevention Security
  • Tradeshow and Convention Coverage
  • Residential Surveillance
  • Hospital and Religious Facilities Protection

Off Duty Officers, Inc. offers the most affordable security solutions without sacrificing quality and professionalism.

In most cases, a contract is not required to dispatch security officers. Off Duty Officers is the only security personnel provider in the industry offering this option to Riverside clients.

Off Duty Officers Leads Riverside’s Security Guard Industry

Riverside’s Best Fire Watch Security Services

Hands down, Off Duty Officers, Inc. is the industry's best fire watch security provider. Whether planned out well in advance or a last-minute request, we have experienced fire watch security to dispatch immediately anywhere in Riverside County. Fire watch is one of the most requested security services in Riverside, and our experienced and skilled professionals arrive ready to work and hit the ground running. Our Fire Watch security guards prioritize safety and ensure no fires break out during safety equipment downtime. Upon arrival, our Fire Watch security guards assess potential risks and hazards and are trained and available to oversee hot work and welding on construction and manufacturing sites. We understand Riverside’s Fire Code requirements and work with clients to ensure compliance.

Riverside County is a high-fire-risk area, and taking the chance of a fire starting is not worth it. Faulty or malfunctioning emergency equipment in any building should be staffed with the most qualified fire watch security available.

Expertise in High-Risk Employee Terminations

The background and training in de-escalation and non-lethal force techniques of Off Duty Officers’ security personnel make them the most qualified to provide peace of mind to employers and employees during a high-risk employee termination. Disruptions and fear can significantly impact production, and hiring skilled employee termination security mitigates both. Emotions may run high during employee terminations, and uniformed security personnel on-site deter outbreaks and discreetly manage unwanted behavior. Our security personnel act as escorts off the property to ensure the employee leaves without causing damage and successfully collect access and company identification cards. This should not be expected of an employee, and high-risk terminations in Riverside warrant top-notch security, and Off Duty Officers can provide the best.

Riverside’s School Campuses Rely on Off Duty Officers for Safety

It is no secret that school campuses nationwide are vulnerable locations for crime, theft, and vandalism. School campus safety should not rely on the school's budget but is necessary for all school campuses year-round. Whether during the academic school year or over the summer months, school campuses are often targets. Off Duty Officers believe that experienced school campus security guards can bring immense value in protecting school property and keeping students safe when on campus. Teachers, administrators, and parents want school to be a safe place in Riverside County. The only way to guarantee top-level protection and safety is by using school campus security personnel explicitly trained to monitor and oversee campuses, their perimeters, parking lots, and structures. Vandalism alone can result in high costs, so deterring loiterers and vandals from entering school campuses after hours is worth the investment.

Off Duty Officers, Inc. is Riverside’s most reliable school campus security provider. Contact Off Duty Officers for an affordable security solution to fit your budget when deciding on school campus security.

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Off Duty Officers Riverside Security Guard Solutions

Off Duty Officers, Inc. prides itself on its security personnel's loyalty and consistently exceptional quality. We work collaboratively with Riverside clients to find the best security solution for their unique needs. Whether choosing armed or unarmed guards, our security guards are effective in de-escalation and have backgrounds and training that make them effective in their roles, regardless.

In business since 1993, Off Duty Officers is the only company to provide custom, affordable security solutions to fit any budget. Call or contact Off Duty Officers today for a free quote!

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