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Chula Vista is nestled inland of south San Diego County. Whether your security needs are to protect residential, commercial, or new construction locations, Off Duty Officers continues to be the most reliable security provider throughout Chula Vista and surrounding environs. Since 1993, Off Duty Officers has strived to raise the expectation bar when it comes to skills, training, and quality of security guard personnel. When business owners and residents in Chula Vista want the highest quality of safety and security, they call on the experts at Off Duty Officers, Inc.

Off Duty Officers, Inc. is unmatched in skill and availability of highly qualified security guards ready to dispatch to Chula Vista.

Armed or Unarmed Guards Provide Excellent Protection

The professional backgrounds and extensive military and law enforcement training equip our expert roster of security guards. Skilled in de-escalation and non-lethal techniques, whether you want security to be armed or not, you will experience the peace of mind exceptional protection provides. We promise our Chula Vista clients professional security guards that are confident, qualified, insured, bonded, and licensed. We pride ourselves on excellence from the minute our trained security guards arrive on location. Experts in risk assessment, working with existing surveillance equipment, and providing Fire Watch and other valuable services are why Off Duty Officers, Inc. remains the industry leader in security guard services in Chula Vista.

Why Chula Vista Relies on the Expertise of Off Duty Officers Security

Hands down, Off Duty Officers offers Chula Vista clients expertise in all aspects of security protection. Commercial businesses, residential, and construction, all deserve the best security services available. Only Off Duty Officers, Inc. promises to dispatch someone qualified and capable every time. Many short-term assignments turn into long-term positions as clients in Chula Vista realize how dedicated our team members are and how committed Off Duty Officers, Inc. is to providing excellence.

Construction Site Security in Chula Vista

Chula Vista construction sites need and deserve to be protected. Workers, supplies and equipment, property, and assets should be protected at all active and inactive construction sites in Chula Vista. Perimeter fences only provide a slight deterrent for trespassers. Still, a uniformed security guard can serve as a warning against criminals and vandals and save project managers and property managers thousands of dollars. Security guards trained in construction site protection masterfully handle theft, vandalism, accidents, and employee disputes. Our extensive training and familiarity with construction site occurrences allow our expert security guards to serve in a Fire Watch capacity, act in emergencies and injuries, and work seamlessly with emergency services if necessary.

Chula Vista Deserves Exceptional School Campus Security

School campuses in Chula Vista deserve the best security and protection possible. The time of year, whether in the middle of the academic year or during summer break, does not matter; school campuses are vulnerable without adequate security protection. Theft, break-ins, and vandalism can be unsettling and costly to schools. These things can be avoided by being proactive and hiring a trained school campus security officer. Even if the city provides an officer for school start and end times, doesn't every student, teacher, and parent deserve the peace of mind of knowing someone highly qualified is on-site to handle any threats throughout the day and during special events? The answer is yes.

Medical and Religious Facilities in Chula Vista Deserve Top-Notch Protection

Any soft targets, like medical facilities and religious gathering places, are soft targets due to the unique blend of those in serving positions and trying to provide needed resources to all who walk through the door. However, with continuing threats against both types of buildings, it is worth investing in the safety of the workers and visitors. When hiring the best security guards in the business, a uniformed guard can provide the necessary focal point for anyone with less than honorable intentions. Often, in medical facilities and hospitals, things can become chaotic quickly. In these instances, having an on-site security guard creates a valuable sense of order and authority. Unauthorized visitors are discreetly addressed, and theft of medications and personal belongings is avoided.

Off Duty Officers, Inc. has provided affordable security solutions unmatched in quality to Chula Vista for over thirty years!

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At Off Duty Officers, Inc., we believe every client in Chula Vista deserves added protection and safety regardless of their budget. We pride ourselves in the training and experience of our security team and have the flexibility to dispatch a qualified and skilled professional on short notice. We attribute our continued success to our loyal security team, a dedicated owner and staff, and years of established customer relationships.

We guarantee high-quality security coverage at an affordable price. If you have a security need or want to secure a quote for security protection, call today or contact Off Duty Officers, Inc. for a fast and easy quote that is customized to fit your unique security needs. We can dispatch without a complicated proposal and contract process that prevents you from getting the protection you deserve now.

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