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As the capital of Texas and one of the largest cities in the country, Austin has become a top destination for businesses, tourists and people looking for a vibrant city to call home. The arts, live music and a strong food culture bring many to the area for a variety of large events, festivals and concerts. The University of Texas at Austin attracts students and their families to the city and is a hub for athletic and cultural events. And as a center for industry, Austin is home to many of the top companies operating in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and high-tech spheres. 

With this level of action in the city of Austin, it is no wonder that professional security guards are highly sought after to keep people and property safe and sound. At Off Duty Officers, we have been the leading provider of off duty and retired law enforcement and military personnel for security guard posts for over 25 years. We are proud of our reputation for providing the best customer service and the most highly trained guards in the security industry. Austin business owners, event operators and individuals have trusted Off Duty Officers to be their security force when they need it most. 

Contact Off Duty Officers Texas today to learn more about our Austin security guard solutions for your business, event or organization by calling us at 469-410-7799.  

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At Off Duty Officers, we understand that no two businesses are alike. That’s why we offer custom security solutions to meet the unique needs of each customer. When you contact one of our security consultants for your free quote, our team will help you understand your security threats, assess your current preparedness and suggest comprehensive solutions that meet your needs and budget. We provide a wide range of services including armed or unarmed guards for both temporary and permanent assignments. 

Whether you need unarmed guards to manage a large trade show or music event or armed guards to handle executive protection, Off Duty Officers has you covered. In addition to standard security guards, we provide highly trained military and law enforcement officers who have extensive in-the-field experience and can handle any security situation that our customers may face. The quality, reliability and professionalism of our guards gives our customers the peace of mind they need. 

Off Duty Officers Austin Texas provides a wide range of security services to businesses and individuals including:

  • Armed Security Officers
  • Unarmed Guards
  • Construction Site Security
  • Commercial Building Security 
  • Corporate Event Security
  • Fire Watch Security
  • Hospital Security
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Private Party Security
  • Retail Security 
  • Residential Security
  • Special Event Security 
  • Temporary Security
  • Trade Show Security
  • VIP and Private Security
  • Workplace Violence

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We pride ourselves on professional security services, including private security, armed guard security, event security, residential security, retail security and more. Contact us today for a FREE instant quote.

Austin Retail & Commercial Security Guards

In today’s political and social climate, retail establishments, restaurants and commercial building owners are seeking additional protection to keep their employees, customers and property safe. Many have turned to hiring professional security guards to help them monitor their property, manage access to the premises and perform mobile patrols to look for suspicious behavior. Security guards are one of the most effective ways to deter crime and prevent a minor security concern from becoming a full-on catastrophe. If you own or operate a retail business in Austin Texas, call Off Duty Officers today to learn more about how we can protect what matters most to you. 

Most Trusted Security Guard Company in Austin Texas

When you work with Off Duty Officers for your Austin security guard services, you can feel confident that you are getting the most competent and reliable guards in the industry. With impeccable training and access to the latest advancements in security technology, our guards far surpass the competition. For this reason, we are consistently considered the most trusted security guard company in the city of Austin and the surrounding areas. 

Since 1993, we have been proud to serve the businesses and residents of Austin, Texas with professional security solutions including event security, crowd control, VIP protection, access management, fire watch, construction site security and hospital security. If you are looking for the leader in Austin Texas security guard services, give us a call today at 469-410-7799 to obtain your free quote. 

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