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As the heart of Silicon Valley and the largest city in Northern California, San Jose is a hub for business and technology. With the presence of some of the largest tech companies in the world, the importance of high-level security cannot be understated. Off Duty Officers continues to be the leading security guard company serving San Jose and the rest of the Bay Area. Our security personnel are highly trained professionals who are licensed and insured, giving San Jose customers the peace of mind they need to do business safely and with confidence. 

Off Duty Officers has been providing unparalleled security guard services to San Jose businesses, individuals and organizations for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet the unique needs of our customers with a comprehensive menu of security solutions that address any of their security concerns. Off Duty Officers supplies qualified security guards whenever and wherever you need them. We provide armed and unarmed guards for both temporary and permanent assignments including mobile patrols, corporate event, private security, commercial and residential security. 

When you work with Off Duty Officers, you get much more than your average security guard services. We work with off duty and retired law enforcement and military professionals as well as licensed standard security guards. Our guards receive superior training on the latest industry best practices and technology, passing along their expertise to the protection of your business. 

Contact Off Duty Officers today to speak with one of our San Jose security specialists at 844-262-6650. Our experts will help you gain a better understanding of your unique security risks and provide a custom plan that will meet your needs and your budget. 

San Jose Security Guard Services

Security is a top concern for any business owner. With the number of high-tech companies doing big business in the San Jose area, the stakes are even greater. The security team at Off Duty Officers can be deployed 24/7 to handle a wide variety of security threats. Our guards have extensive experience and training to address security needs including: 

  • Armed Security Guards
  • Unarmed Guards
  • Temporary Guards
  • Permanent, Long-term Security Officers
  • Commercial Security
  • Cannabis Business Security 
  • Construction Site Security
  • Corporate Security
  • Event Security 
  • Fire Watch Services 
  • Hospital Security Guards
  • Mobile Patrols 
  • Private Party and Event Security 
  • Residential Security 
  • Trade Show Security 
  • VIP and Personal Security 
  • Workplace Violence Guards

Event Security San Jose 

Event producers understand that there are many moving parts to a trade show, convention or other corporate event. And with that, there are many potential security threats that must be addressed in order to ensure that attendees are safe and secure. 

Security should always be a significant part of the planning process for large events. Professional guards can help event producers address all of their security needs, from managing access to the premises, checking credentials and monitoring for suspicious behavior. Guards can also help ensure that traffic flows smoothly inside the venue and help vendors keep their valuable property secure. San Jose event operators have relied on the services of the competent and reliable security guards from Off Duty Officers for over 25 years. If you need event assistance, do not hesitate to contact our security specialists today. 

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We pride ourselves on professional security services, including private security, armed guard security, event security, residential security, retail security and more. Contact us today for a FREE instant quote.

Off Duty Officers San Jose – Security Guard Company

Off Duty Officers has a reputation for providing the premier security guard solutions in the industry. With our unmatched customer service, clients across the country continue to come back to us for their security guard needs. Our teams take your security seriously. When you hire guards from Off Duty Officers, you can feel confident that you are getting the best security solutions available. 

Serving San Jose businesses of every size and across all industries, we are the most trusted security guard company in the state of California. When you are facing critical security needs, do not wait to call in the professionals. Off Duty Officers proudly serves San Jose, San Francisco and the rest of the Bay Area with the leading security guard solutions for the unique needs of your business. 

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