The Best Security Guards Available in Monterey

Monterey, CA Armed Guards or Unarmed Security Guards


The Best Security Guards Available in Monterey

More than 30,000 people and businesses call scenic Monterey, California, their home. Nestled perfectly along the coast, the state’s former capital draws significant numbers of visitors every single year. Offering natural beauty unmatched along the coast, Monterey offers a small-town feel with the amenities of a larger city. As California enjoys many new freedoms, more significant events are back on the calendar and allow total capacity. Large crowds and a full schedule in Monterey include ramping up security with the summer months quickly approaching. The City of Monterey and businesses utilize the expertise of Off Duty Officers and their highly trained security guards throughout the year to ensure the best experience for both residents and visitors.

Providing Monterey with Top-Notch Security Guards for Popular Tourism Spots

Being a nationwide company, Off Duty Officers has trained security guards near many cities in California, including Monterey. As is expected, tourism is big business in Monterey, and this beautiful location offers more structures of historical significance than any other California city. Families come from all over to learn about the rich and historically relevant Monterey, California. The Fisherman's Wharf and the famous Monterey Aquarium are on everyone's sightseeing bucket list. As Monterey experiences some of the heaviest traffic during the summer months, businesses do their part and call for security guard coverage ahead of time to ensure sufficient coverage, and Off Duty Officers fill their needs with exceptional men and women.

Fisherman’s Wharf is a bustling area, and more so in the summer months. Often, because of the unique feel of Monterey, people do not first think of needing security guards. Still, with crowds growing and more traveling than in the last couple of years, businesses and event planners need to think about providing an extra layer of safety to provide those coming to Monterey with the best it offers.

Monterey Aquarium, one of the top 50 best aquariums globally, is seeing an increase in companies and organizations who want to host fundraising and awareness events with gigantic tanks as the backdrop - and who could blame them? As more companies choose to branch out to venues for these large-scale corporate events, the Monterey Bay Aquarium does not disappoint. Still offering an intimate feel with food and wine festivals, rodeos, and concerts, the City of Monterey often uses private security guards throughout the summer months and beyond. Providing additional security coverage at the Monterey County Fairgrounds during festivals and concerts makes total capacity a safer experience. The laser-focused guards of Off Duty Officers monitor crowds and are trained to identify any threats or disruptive behavior before it becomes a safety concern. An armed or unarmed guard professionally and calmly handles disturbances discreetly, allowing everyone to continue enjoying the event.

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Large Scale Events in Monterey Benefit from the Best Security

The summer is an event-filled season for Monterey residents and businesses.

Annual events, such as the highly anticipated U.S. Open Golf Championship, draw golfers and spectators from long distances, and the large crowds inevitably mean overcrowding of streets and parking issues. Pebble Beach Golf Course alone is beautiful enough to make people want to visit Monterey, and adding a largely attended event makes the situation more complex. Security guards can help manage these common issues for large events, ensuring residential properties are protected and respected while providing the most convenient options for attendees.

Temporary Security Coverage in Monterey

A packed event calendar means a continuous need for temporary security help, whether to staff an event, assist with traffic flow or simply be on-site to help when needed or during an emergency. The length of time Off Duty Officers are on an assignment is entirely at the discretion and need of the client. Able to expertly handle first aid response and emergencies, these experienced men and women have years of experience dealing with emergency agencies in the area. Only Off Duty Officers has premier security guards available to offer the most exemplary service available in Monterey.

This summer, other large-scale events that benefit from security guard detail are the Spartan Race and Superbike World Championships coming up in June. Monterey offers its residents and visitors so many activities and events to attend that it makes sense to prepare for extra security coverage that can be available quickly without sacrificing extraordinary coverage. Off Duty Officers is honored to have worked with many clients in Monterey and bring insight and knowledge to the area and surrounding communities. So, whether you are seeking security guard coverage for a residential, gated community during the busy summer months or want to provide next-level experiences for those traveling to one of Monterey's exciting events, Off Duty Officers has years of experience and works relentlessly to provide only the highest quality security guards in the nation.

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