How To Find a
"Security Guard Company Near Me"

Do You Need To Find a Reliable Security Guard Company?

When you do an internet search for “security guard company near me,” you will get plenty of results. It is important to resist going with the first company on the results page or the business with the best website. While these companies may turn out to be the right choice for your security guard needs, you must do your due diligence before hiring a security guard company. After all, the security of your business, home, property and loved ones is at stake.

How do you determine which security company will be the best for you? The truth is that choosing the right security guard provider can be a challenging decision. Companies vary greatly in their levels of experience, quality of service and training opportunities they provide for their guards. All of these factors should weigh heavily on your decision; however, you must also consider your specific security needs.

At Off Duty Officers, we understand how important it is for customers to choose a security guard company. That’s why we want to provide some guidelines to help customers like you find the security company that will meet your needs and your budget. After learning more about hiring the right security guard company near you, we hope that you will consider Off Duty Officers to protect your most valuable assets.

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How to Choose the Right Security Guard Company Near You

1. Evaluate Your Security Needs.

The first step in hiring a security guard company is to evaluate your unique security needs. No two customers are the same. While some customers may require 24/7 armed security personnel to protect a high-profile business, others may need temporary unarmed guards to patrol a retail parking lot after hours. No matter what level of security you require, be sure that you are clear on what services you need. If you are unsure, a reputable security guard company will have expert staff available to help you assess your needs and suggest the right solutions for you.

Once you identify your requirements for the job, consider other factors that are important to you, including reliability, reputation and experience. Some customers value longevity and opt to hire a company that has been working in the industry for many years. Other customers care more about reputation and choose to work with a company that provides positive customer reviews.

2. Conduct Security Company Interviews to Find the Best Fit

Now that you have a clear picture of what you are looking for in a security guard company near you, it is time to interview potential candidates. It may seem daunting to interview a security company, especially for those customers who haven’t worked with a security company before. While there are some specific questions you should ask, treat it like any other hiring you’ve done in the past.

Remember, the right security guard company should not only offer you with the services you need at the right price. They should provide you with confidence and impeccable service from start to finish.

What to Ask When Hiring a Security Guard Company

Specialization: Some security companies specialize in a specific area of security such as residential, event, VIP, corporate, construction, commercial or hospital. While some customers prefer a company that specializes in their area of need, others want to hire a security company that is a jack-of-all-trades to cover their future security needs. Be sure to ask if they have a specialization before starting a contract.

Experience: When it comes to security, experience is critical. Security companies that have longevity and an established reputation are often better equipped to handle unique security challenges. They also have years of expertise in hiring the best candidates for security guard positions, meaning that you get some of the most qualified and competent guards in the business.

Training: Find out what kind of training the company provides for their guards. Quality security guard companies will offer frequent opportunities for their guards to improve their skills, increase their knowledge and develop in the field. Also, ask about the backgrounds of their guards. For example, at Off Duty Officers, we staff many off duty and retired law enforcement and military personnel.

Support Staff: When you have an issue or a pressing question for your security company, you want to make sure that there is someone available to take your call. Ask questions to find out how they serve their customers after hours and in the event of an emergency. It is also critical to learn about their policies for no-shows and other circumstances that could have an impact on your safety and security.

Your Security Matters

At Off Duty Officers, we understand the challenges of finding a reliable security guard company near you. Identify your unique security needs and interview companies to determine which will be the best fit for your business, property or loved ones. If you are in the market for security guard services, don’t settle for a sub-par security company.

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