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Situated between Austin and Dallas, Waco is a riverfront city that draws tens of thousands of students, tourists and businesses annually. Waco business owners, event operators and private citizens who seek the best security guards in the business turn to Off Duty Officers again and again.

For over 25 years, Off Duty Officers has been the leading provider of off duty and retired law enforcement, military personnel and standard guards to serve a wide variety of clients in the Waco, Texas area. Our guards receive cutting edge training, in addition to their years of on-the-job experience. When you work with guards from Off Duty Officers, you can feel confident that you are getting professional, highly trained and competent security guards to protect what matters most to you.

Are you looking for the best security guard company in Waco? Contact the experts at Off Duty Officers Texas today to learn more about our tailored security guard solutions.

Waco Security Guards You Can Rely On

When it comes to hiring security guards, you want to feel confident that you are getting professional guards who understand your unique security needs. Off Duty Officers leads the industry in providing top-of-the-line customer service and completely customized security solutions to meet the needs of their customers. Our team of security specialists will work with you to help you identify your greatest security threats and recommend the amount of security to meet your needs and your budget. We care about providing our clients with the services they need, so that they can feel confident and prepared in any situation.

Waco business owners, event producers and private individuals have hired Off Duty Officers for a wide range of security duties, including:

  • Armed Security Officers
  • Unarmed Guards
  • Construction Site Security
  • Corporate Event Security
  • Fire Watch Security
  • Hospital Security
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Private Party Security
  • Residential Security
  • Temporary Security
  • Trade Show Security
  • VIP and Private Security
  • Workplace Violence

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We pride ourselves on professional security services, including private security, armed guard security, event security, residential security, retail security and more. Contact us today for a FREE instant quote.

Waco Event Security Guards

Parades, sporting events, college graduations, music concerts and other large-scale events require a robust security plan. Waco event operators must take security seriously to provide a safe and positive environment for their attendees and to protect the reputations of their businesses.

Security guards can work with event operators to help them understand their greatest security vulnerabilities and to take steps to mitigate those to protect lives and property. Security guards can manage your access points to ensure that only authorized individuals obtain access to the premises. They can check credentials, such as tickets or identification, to reduce liability for the event operator. In the event that a hostile situation does occur, event security guards from Off Duty Officers are highly trained in de-escalation techniques to ensure that the situation is handled competently and calmly to protect lives.

If you are planning an event in Waco, do not neglect to make a plan for security. Instead, contact Off Duty Officers to learn more about the temporary, armed and unarmed guard options that we have available.

Top Rated Waco Security Guard Company

When Waco needs security guards, they trust Off Duty Officers to provide them with industry-leading guards who have a reputation for being the best in the business. As a top rated security guard company in the nation, Off Duty Officers prides itself on helping our Waco customers get the peace of mind they need to socialize, do business or operate at the highest levels possible.

Security guards can provide professional protection at trade shows, conventions, private events, construction sites, commercial properties and residential properties. In addition, specialized security guards from Off Duty Officers can provide fire watch security and personal, executive and VIP protection. Your security is our business, and we take that very seriously.

Contact Off Duty Officers today to learn more about the variety of security options we have available by calling our team at 469-410-7799. 

Our security specialists are standing by to help you get the security you need as soon as you need it. Our guards are available 24/7 and can often be deployed to your premises within 24 hours. Our specialists are available to answer your questions at any time to ensure that you are satisfied with the services we provide.

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