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Theft is a top concern for anyone who owns or manages a brick and mortar business. Your property contains merchandise, cash and other assets that have value to bad actors. No matter what industry you operate in and how well you train your staff, theft is always a risk. Stolen merchandise can cost you thousands of dollars and create an unsafe environment for your employees. 

As the demand for loss prevention security guards continues to grow, smart business owners know that they must choose a reputable security guard company to protect their assets. Off Duty Officers has been operating in the industry for over 25 years. Our guards have the expertise you need to deter thieves and keep your property secure, saving you money and giving you peace of mind. 

With the most comprehensive training in the industry, guards from Off Duty Officers are fully equipped to identify suspicious behavior, respond quickly and stop thieves in their tracks. From general loss prevention services to complete loss prevention systems, Off Duty Officers can provide you with the protection you need to do business safely and successfully. 

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Retail Loss Prevention Security 

Theft can occur at any time and the perpetrators are not limited to outsiders. Statistics indicate that much of the retail theft that occurs is at the hands of employees. These incidents not only impact the bottom line of your retail establishment, they can cost you your business. 

During busy weekends or holiday seasons, theft numbers skyrocket as employees are too busy serving customers to keep a keen eye on shoplifters. By hiring trained, professional loss prevention security guards your employees can focus on the task at hand rather than monitoring for theft. Guards from off duty officers are trained to identify behavior that commonly indicates a theft is in progress. They understand how to handle a shoplifter in a professional yet firm manner and to communicate clearly with law enforcement in the event of an incident. 

Guards from Off Duty Officers will help you prevent merchandise loss and get back to business by providing services including: 

  • Prevention, response and resolution of retail merchandise loss 
  • Loss prevention training for staff members 
  • General investigation into theft, both external and internal 
  • Apprehension of suspected shoplifters 
  • Communication and follow up with law enforcement 

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With Off Duty Officers, thieves won't win. Our guards will provide a strong presence and technical skill that will deter even the most experienced criminals. They will be active members of your team who will take the time to understand your business so they can provide you with the best security possible. We understand that every business is unique, and so we provide customized security solutions to meet your specific needs. 

When you work with loss prevention security guards from Off Duty Officers, you will receive much more than trained, reliable guards: 

Shoplifting Deterrence 

Shoplifters are far less likely to attempt a theft from your business if they see uniformed guards at the entrance and patrolling the premises. Professional guards send the message that you take security seriously. Deterring theft in the first place is the safest and cheapest option, and security guards can help you achieve those aims. 

Increased peace of mind

In most businesses, employees don’t come to work with the intention of fighting crime. Asking them to be responsible for the safety of your customers and for the protection of your merchandise can be a lot to handle, especially in addition to their typical job duties. When you hire a trained guard, your employees can do the work they were hired to do, while security is left up to the professionals.  

Proactive Response 

Loss prevention security guards are most effective when they stop crimes even before they are committed. By being proactive and staying vigilant, our guards can predict when a theft is about to take place by identifying the signs and behaviors of a shoplifter. By doing so, guards can reduce merchandise loss and save you money. 

How Off Duty Officers Can Help You 

If you are interested in learning more about how loss prevention security guards can protect your business and save you money, contact our loss prevention security guard specialists today. Our team is standing by to answer all of your questions and help you determine the right amount of security for your business. Off Duty Officers loss prevention services include: 

  • Armed guards
  • Unarmed guards
  • Plainclothes security guards 
  • Assessment of access points
  • Assessment of lighting 
  • 24/7 mobile patrols 
  • Scheduled and random patrols
  • Employee loss prevention training 
  • Investigation into thefts
  • Theft response and resolution 


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