Would Your Business Benefit From Unarmed Guards?

Many business owners share the same concern - the security of their businesses. Both the physical safety of their people and property and the cybersecurity of their intellectual property are priorities for the success of the business. When it comes to providing physical protection, smart business owners know the importance of taking measures to prevent threats even before they occur. 

Unarmed security guards are one of the most effective ways to protect yourself from the most common threats that businesses face. From theft and vandalism to workplace violence, having a strong security presence is proven to deter criminals from even attempting to target your business. At Off Duty Officers, we help business owners like yourself provide professional and highly trained unarmed security guards to aid in the protection of their most important assets. 

When choosing the best security options for your business, it is critical that you assess the greatest threats that your business faces. Many business owners erroneously think that armed security guards are the only effective protection. While in some cases this may be true, for many businesses unarmed security guards provide more than adequate protection from their most pressing security issues. 

If you are unsure which security guard options would best meet your needs, contact the security specialists at Off Duty Officers. Our team can help you assess your security threats and suggest the most cost-effective options for your unique business needs. 

Benefits of Unarmed Security Guards

Unarmed guards are highly skilled security professionals who provide many benefits to businesses of all sizes and across all industries. Simply the presence of a security guard can significantly reduce the probability of a violent criminal act and increase feelings of security for the staff, customers and visitors to your business. 

As a business owner or manager who is responsible for the security of a property, it is critical that you consider the many benefits of unarmed security guards. Although there are many advantages to hiring unarmed guards, we will discuss two of the primary benefits here.   

The presence of a dedicated security detail reduces risk.  

Gone are the days when you can rely on in-house security to mitigate your risks. Too often businesses don’t learn about security threats until it’s too late. Cameras and security technology, while valuable for protecting your business, can still leave you vulnerable to certain threats. With the state of the world today, it is vital that businesses take security seriously by having a well-trained and professional security detail on the premises. 

Unarmed security guards at your business have one job and one job only – to protect your business. Guards not only deter crime by being present on the property, but they can also watch for suspicious activity to prevent a crime from occurring in the first place. Unarmed guards are especially effective at managing your entry points to prevent the theft of valuable property and to ensure that unauthorized visitors do not gain access. 

An effective security solution at a more affordable rate. 

With unarmed security guards, you get the protection you want at a lower price tag. Armed guards are typically a more expensive security solution, an added expense and more force than many businesses need. Armed security guards require special licenses and training in order to carry and use firearms, all of which costs more for your business. 

Plus, the mere presence of a firearm on the premises increases the potential for a serious injury or even death to occur on your property. This may increase your insurance costs in addition to the higher costs of the guards themselves. 

Leading Provider of Unarmed Guards Nationwide 

For many businesses, unarmed security guards are a key component of their security programs. Not only do they deter crime and mitigate risks, but unarmed guards are also a more affordable way for businesses to protect what matters most. 

Since 1993, Off Duty Officers has been the premier provider of unarmed guards nationwide. Our experience and the rigorous training of our guards means that you get some of the best security solutions available today. We have a reputation for delivering high quality, reliable service for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. 

When you need unarmed security personnel for your business, contact Off Duty Officers to talk with one of our security specialists and to obtain an instant quote. 

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