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In today’s workplace climate, which we have seen aggravated by COVID-19 restrictions and lock-downs, it is essential to think ahead when terminating a high-risk employee. Owners and managers must consider access to firearms and active shooting scenarios to control potential workplace violence or retaliation. Although not all terminations will result in an aggressive or escalated situation, as employees feel the uncertainty of employment stability, it is better to be prepared with security services to ensure your existing employees feel safe and secure by taking precautions. No employer wants to have a turbulent confrontation in the middle of the workplace. Off Duty Officers helps determine if an employee meets high-risk criteria, can do background checks, and provide a comprehensive plan to execute the termination without disruption.

High-Risk Employee Termination

Each termination is unique. Even if an employee does not show high-risk red flags, being aware of potential threats can be a proactive way to save time and money and maintain your company's integrity.

Employee termination is often due to misconduct, insubordination, or underperformance. The process is never easy and often uncomfortable, but why not put yourself and those around you at ease? Awareness of potential high-risk terminations is essential in determining the best course of action, and Off Duty Officers, Inc. can help. Following are some things to watch for as you approach an employee termination.

A high-risk employee may exhibit the following:

  • Disgruntled (often complains and has a victim mentality)
  • Verbal and non-verbal threats against other employees or the organization
  • History of violence
  • Sudden changes in behavior, including explosive responses to feedback, aggression with others, excessive tardiness, and unexplained absences, can also indicate an employee that could be a higher risk.

As mentioned before, these characteristics do not necessarily mean that your employee termination will require an additional security presence or result in workplace violence. Still, it is crucial to be aware of circumstances that may put yourself and others at risk.

Hiring security or adding additional security team members in a potentially high-risk situation provides a safe environment for your business to carry on as usual and a sense of security for your employees and clients. The professional and experienced security officers of Off Duty Officers, Inc., ensure a controlled and seamless exit for any high-risk termination.

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Things to consider when terminating an employee:

Human resources often face challenges when terminating employees that seem intimidating or at risk of retaliation. Off Duty Officers, Inc. has more than 22 years of experience providing security detail in these scenarios. Off Duty Officers is #1 providing security presence in potentially harmful terminations.  Off Duty Officers, Inc. assists in helping you determine the appropriate security needed. Take each of these situations into consideration:

  • Where will the termination take place?

Is this a private meeting in an office? At a job site? This is important to consider so you can determine the best security presence. Security guards can be directly in the room, within earshot to listen for possible threats before they become an issue, or merely a physical presence in the area. Security officers can be armed or unarmed, in uniform or street clothes. Off Duty Officers, Inc. brings experience to help you figure out the best way to prepare and manage the meeting.

6 Warning Signs of Workplace Violence
  • Will the employee be asked to leave immediately?

If so, an employee may require an escort to gather belongings, prevent theft or damage of company property, and ensure the employee exits the premises and returns any parking access keys or cards.

  • Have there been any threats, implied or otherwise, to other employees or the business itself?

Awareness of an employee’s behavior before a termination can aid in appropriate security staff. In a situation where there have been threats to other employees, Off Duty Officers, Inc. offers security detail well after the termination and can provide safety to threatened persons.

  • Is the employee expecting the termination?

Expected or unexpected terminations come with risks. Expected endings to employment can provide the high-risk employee time to prepare or plan. Unexpected endings or changes to employment status can cause an explosive reaction to the news. Regardless of whether the employee is expecting the termination or not, a security presence can help diffuse a potentially disruptive situation.

As tensions around employment rise and access to firearms and the number of active shootings occur, physically protecting your employees and clients is crucial in a high-risk termination. Additionally, employee morale and client retention are directly affected if an employee termination gets disruptive or dangerous. Social media exposure can be damaging and have long term effects. Why risk it? Instead of contemplating whether or not you should consider bringing in security for a high-risk employee termination, call the #1 employee termination security company at Off Duty Officers, Inc. to speak with an expert and get a plan in place to protect your employees and your business.

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