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cannibas marijuana

Providing Security and Compliance to California’s Cannabis Industry

By ODO Administrator | September 19, 2023

The cannabis industry in California has witnessed unprecedented growth since the legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana. With this flourishing industry comes the imperative need for stringent security measures to protect products, facilities, and personnel. Security officers play a critical role.

car dealership male security guard

Security Guard Solutions to Deter Dealership Crimes

By ODO Administrator | September 13, 2023

Dealership crimes can have devastating consequences, both financially and can damage a company’s reputation. Off Duty Officers, with its extensive experience dating back to 1993, provides comprehensive security guard solutions to deter these crimes effectively.

transportation train station security guard

Security Guards Keeping Public Transportation Safe

By ODO Administrator | September 6, 2023

Public transportation is the lifeblood of many cities around the world. Whether it’s bustling subway stations, busy bus terminals, or crowded train stations, these hubs keep our cities moving. Ensuring the safety of passengers and infrastructure is a top priority. That’s where security guard services step in, and Off Duty Officers is the best.

los angeles

Top 5 Situations that Security Guards Provide Invaluable Protection in Los Angeles

By ODO Administrator | August 30, 2023

Los Angeles is celebrated for its diverse culture, iconic entertainment industry, and a rich tapestry of communities. Amidst the glitz and glamour, the city’s sheer size and urban complexity can pose security challenges. This is where Off Duty Officers step in, providing professional security solutions tailored to the diverse needs of the city.

film and movie crew safety

Private Security’s Vital Role in the Entertainment Industry

By ODO Administrator | August 23, 2023

Within the captivating realm of entertainment, where the magic of creativity collides with the precision of production, there exists a silent yet unwavering force that is wholly dedicated to ensuring top notch security and safety. Off Duty Officers, as a nationwide pioneer in the realm of private security services, takes up the mantle of ensuring the safety and security of all stakeholders involved.

politics government

Why Businesses, Government Sectors and Events Need Private Security

By ODO Administrator | August 18, 2023

In a world where uncertainty and threats are constant companions, the imperative of security cannot be overstated. Off Duty Officers, Inc., as a premier private security guard company, has positioned itself at the forefront of the industry, emerging as an essential partner for governments, businesses, and events nationwide.

large event security protection

The Crucial Role of Experienced Security Guards For Entertainment Venue Safety

By ODO Administrator | August 9, 2023

In the dynamic and vibrant world of entertainment venues, ensuring the safety and well-being of patrons, staff, and performers is of paramount importance. With a myriad of events ranging from concerts and festivals to sports games and theatrical productions, the need for a robust security presence cannot be understated.

danger hot work fire watch

Fire Code Requirements for Hot Work Areas and the Importance of Fire Watch Security

By ODO Administrator | August 2, 2023

Hot work operations involve tasks that generate heat, sparks, or open flames, such as welding, cutting, grinding, or brazing. While these processes are essential for many industries, they also pose significant fire hazards, and that is why companies need skilled fire watch safety security guards.


How Security Guards Can Safeguard Valuable Cargo: A Vital Asset for Logistics Companies

By ODO Administrator | July 26, 2023

Having security guards help with logistics security improves the overall success of the business. Security guards provide deterrence and prevention, surveillance, quick response to emergencies, asset protection and provide safety for personnel and enhance customer trust.

angry employee termination

Enhancing Workplace Safety: Security Guards Assist Companies with High-Risk Employee Terminations

By ODO Administrator | July 19, 2023

Having security guards present during high-risk employee terminations not only enhances physical safety but also fosters a sense of security among staff and clients. The mere presence of trained security personnel can deter potential threats, discouraging any inclination towards violence or disruption.

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