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Obtaining Short-Term Security Guards In A Pinch

By ODO Administrator | January 18, 2023

Everyone wishes they had a crystal ball to predict security needs. However, the reality is that sometimes, a short-term security need arises, and the scrambling begins. The good news is that there are well-established security guard providers that specialize in those last-minute and unique security needs.

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More Than 17 Texas Cities Choose Professional Security Guards to Protect Texas Residents

By ODO Administrator | January 11, 2023

Texas cities are taking measures to ensure the safety of their citizens and aid in crime prevention. Whether for corporate, private, industrial, or retail, Texas residents and tourist commerce depend more on highly trained security personnel.

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Religious Establishments Hire Security Guards to Offer People Peace of Mind

By ODO Administrator | January 3, 2023

Churches across the nation are finding multiple benefits from investing in highly trained and professional security guards to be on-site during hours of operation, busy service, or visitor times, as well as maintain order during incoming and outgoing traffic.

ODO Power Grid

Substations Increase Security Guards in Response to Increasing Attacks

By ODO Administrator | December 28, 2022

Americans rely heavily on power for work, school, and living. In five Pacific Northwest states, power substation attacks have increased since first seen in 2017. The rate of attacks is alarming. In an effort to prevent vandalism, suspicious behavior, and activity, substations are working with reputable security providers.

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Record Breaking Gift Returns Require Qualified Security Guard Oversight

By ODO Administrator | December 21, 2022

As the weeks fly by and Christmas is only a week away, consumer spending is higher than anticipated despite the inflation permeating the nation. Higher consumer spending means more gifts under the tree and more returns following the holiday.

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Private Security Provides VIPs Protection and Peace of Mind

By ODO Administrator | December 15, 2022

The acronym VIP stands for a very important person. Whether a VIP is a corporate executive, someone with high public recognition, or a bride is very important. People feel valued and safe when provided with a private security detail.

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Security Guards Provide Protection at 24-Hour Businesses

By ODO Administrator | December 7, 2022

Businesses that offer customers 24-hour access are beginning to recognize it is necessary to provide security personnel on location to protect employees, customers, and assets on the property. Gas stations and grocery stores are some of the few businesses that still offer 24-hour access. Due to the nature of these businesses and the typical lack of security guards, these locations are becoming more frequent targets for criminals and loiterers. Hiring private security personnel is a solid and affordable solution for all 24-hour businesses.

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Preventative Security Personnel Save Time and Money

By ODO Administrator | November 30, 2022

Any corporation with active construction and manufacturing sites should consider the value added by having long-term security personnel trained in preventative maintenance. Safety departments are finding room in their budgets to include security personnel to serve as an expert in the facility of equipment and overall safety, saving significant time and money. Construction companies and manufacturing facilities automatically gain designated “boots on the ground” personnel to monitor activity and provide a proactive approach to preventative maintenance.

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Preparing for Security Guard Hires Ensures Successful Placement

By ODO Administrator | November 24, 2022

Clients looking to hire private security guards can take steps to prepare for hiring security personnel. These steps done up front ensure a smooth onboarding and successful placement of security guards in their new roles. Setting clear expectations and having a plan allows the new security staff to hit the ground running and allows for better communication and collaboration between the expectations and security coverage.

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Skilled Security Guards Provide Mandated Fire Watch Services

By ODO Administrator | November 18, 2022

To comply with OSHA’s fire watch requirements and other agencies in place to protect workers, companies are finding the most efficient way to provide these necessary fire watch services is through a security personnel provider. Using an outside provider ensures that dispatched security is explicitly trained in fire watch services.

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