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Temporary Security Services When You Need It Most

We understand that not every client will need 24/7 security services. For those situations where you need to hire temporary security guards to assist a special, one-time event or unexpected emergency, Off Duty Officers is able to supply you with highly-trained security personnel who are ready to act. We can bring in the right guards for your needs at a moment’s notice, giving you the peace of mind you need. 

At Off Duty Officers, we know that every event and every situation is different. We work with our clients to thoroughly understand their needs and develop custom solutions based on our years of experience. Our skilled security guards are professionally trained security specialists. So you can rest assured that you are getting the highest level of security services available today. 

Whether you need security for a few hours or a few weeks, Off Duty Officers leads the nation in providing professional, temporary security services across all industries. We pride ourselves on being reliable and there when you need us. Our armed security or unarmed, uniformed or plainclothes security guards will ensure you have the protection you need. 

We offer temporary security guards for hire nationwide for events such as: 

  • Private parties
  • Political events 
  • Holiday shopping  
  • Employee terminations
  • Unexpected criminal threats
  • Special events and concerts
  • Corporate conventions 
  • VIP Transportation 
  • Coverage for full-time security staff 

Temporary Security for Any Situation

When you are facing unforeseen situations that require temporary or additional security personnel, Off Duty Officers can provide the manpower you need to deter, prevent and manage dangerous security threats. The safety of your people is your number one priority. When you work with Off Duty Officers, their safety becomes our number one priority. 

Experience counts when dealing with large events, VIPs, and emergency situations. Make sure you are protecting your most valuable assets with the top temporary security services available today. Our USA Security Company specializes in providing temporary security services for the following situations: 

event security

Event Security

Special events of any size require a security plan to ensure the safety of all who attend. Large events like concerts, conventions, sporting events and award shows pose unique security considerations that demand expert attention. The security guards at Off Duty Officers are specifically trained to understand the complexities of these large events and prepared to handle the challenges that they involve. 

We are able to assist you prior to your event to explore potential security threats, devise a custom security program and provide the right guards who specialize in event security. Our temporary security guards will work with your team to make sure that your event runs smoothly from start to finish. This may include communicating with law enforcement in the event of an emergency, managing access to restricted areas and identifying suspicious behavior. 

Transportation Security

Do you have a valuable asset that needs to be transported? Off Duty Officers can provide temporary security guards who specialize in handling VIPs including business executives, religious leaders, celebrities, musicians and others. We can provide both armed and unarmed security personnel to protect these assets and safely escort them to their destinations. Our guards are specially trained to identify potential security threats and adjust as the needs of the client change, all with a high level of professionalism and respect. 

Emergency Situations When Guards Are Needed

Although we can always be prepared, we can never completely eliminate the possibility of an emergency situation that you will need security guards. In these unfortunate moments, trained security guards can help manage safety issues and threats. Off Duty Officers’ guards are proficient in a variety of emergency response tactics including evacuations, fires, fire watch, and other unexpected events. Our temporary security personnel can be deployed to your location when you need them to help control threats and protect your people and business. 

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For over 25 years, Off Duty Officers has been the leader in providing off-duty and retired law enforcement and military personnel for clients across the United States. We have a stellar reputation for providing the highest-caliber security guards for both short and long term assignments. Specially trained, licensed and certified, our guards are the best in the business. 

When you need temporary, comprehensive security services or additional security support for your next special event or emergency, do not wait to contact the security experts at Off Duty Officers. Our security management team has the experience to understand your unique needs and recommend the solutions that will achieve your goals. 

Get started by contacting Off Duty Officers for a quote today. When you need it most, Off Duty Officers is ready to assist your business. 


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