Does Your Business Need Armed Security Guards?

Businesses are much more than the services or products they provide. They hold valuable resources such as financial data, costly equipment and technology and priceless human assets like employees and consumers. A business has the responsibility to keep these resources safe and secure in the course of day-to-day activities or in the event of a security or logistical challenge.

In truth, most businesses could benefit from some type of professional security including armed or unarmed guards, plainclothes or uniformed guards and stationary or patrol guards. Over the past few years, many industries have been taking advantage of the security services provided by commercial security companies like those at Off Duty Officers, Inc. to keep their most valuable assets and personnel protected. The industry has been growing steadily as more and more business owners see the need for increased security protection.

What is an Armed Guard?

Armed security guards in particular play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of critical assets. Armed security guards deter those who might wish to your business harm. Today, businesses from all industries recognize the need for professional, armed protection to combat potential dangers.

Armed guards are professionals who carry a firearm or other weapon. These guards have extensive experience in the use of such weapons and have received specialized training in their operation. At Off Duty Officers, our armed guards are highly trained and experienced off-duty police officers, retired police officers or military professionals. Armed guards provide a high level of security and act as the maximum defense for some of the most challenging business or creative events, properties, workplaces or personnel operations.

Businesses That Need Armed Security Guards

Although most industries these days may be able to benefit from an unarmed security guard presence at some level, some industries may best be served by professional armed security guards. Today, many industries have been ramping up their security while others are just now realizing the importance of a security presence on-site.

Some of the top businesses and industries
that benefit from armed security guards include:

Financial Institutions

Banks and other financial institutions hold not just financial and intellectual property but also human assets like employees and customers. Armed security like those found at Off Duty Officers can prevent robbery or workplace violence and protect those working and doing business there.

Construction Site Security

Construction sites are home to expensive equipment that is often left unattended after hours, leaving it vulnerable to vandals. On-site, armed security guards will deter those who wish to steal or mar valuable property.

Security for Academic Institutions

Unfortunately, we hear of far too many violent incidents occurring at educational institutions in this country. Armed security personnel can safeguard students, teachers, and other staff while deterring violence from those who wish to do harm.

Residential Community Security

Feeling safe and secure in your home is critical. Residential communities are often the targets of vandals, thieves and trespassers. Armed security guards can monitor access to the property and provide a strong line of defense against these kinds of crimes.

Security Services for Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions

Busy healthcare institutions like hospitals see hundreds of people in and out throughout the day. Off Duty Officers can provide these organizations with professional and trained security guards to monitor access and take the proper steps in the event of a security challenge.

Retail Stores Security Services

A common target of theft, retailers benefit from a security guard presence to keep thieves at bay while also protecting customers and employees from any violent or dangerous workplace situations.

Other businesses that should consider armed security guards with Off Duty Officers include:

  • Bars or restaurants that are open late hours
  • Cash-based businesses
  • Businesses who are undertaking large layoffs or terminating a volatile employee
  • Large events in which alcohol will be served

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