Park Security Guards Ensure Safe Summer Fun

ODO Park Security

Whether a local community park or a city park, parks naturally become more crowded as the summer kicks in. Communities are ramping up with private security to monitor park grounds during peak hours, allowing a safe experience for everyone involved.

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Security Guards Provide Invaluable Disaster Relief

ODO Disaster

Security Guards Provide Invaluable Disaster Relief When disaster strikes, no matter how prepared people are, there always seems to be something unpredicted. Following a disaster, many seek relief through fundraising and community efforts, and in extreme situations, the National Guard will come to provide temporary assistance. After a disaster hits, it takes some time to…

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Workplace Violence on The Rise

employee termination

Employers need to know that to keep business running smoothly, measures must be taken to ensure employees feel safe and ARE safe.
The pressure is to provide extra safety measures as more significant numbers of workers return to the workplace.

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