Park Security Guards Ensure Safe Summer Fun

There are only a few things that get children as excited as summer, and most of that energy is knowing that early mornings are not required, and visiting the park is going to be a regular event for lots and lots of days. Whether a local community park or a city park, parks naturally become more crowded as the summer kicks in. Many customers responsible for park maintenance and security over the summer months are looking to hire the most qualified private security guards to ensure the safety of visitors throughout these next couple of months. Even though the pandemic scare is over for the most part, and more people have ventured out more recently, going the extra mile to encourage people to come out of isolation and keep the kids away from the screen is an undeniable responsibility of decision-makers.

Parks are an excellent activity for families because they allow children to explore, pretend, and get some energy out while being active and outdoors. Also, going to the park is free, so this is a thrifty option for large families! Cities and communities are ramping up private security guards to monitor and rove park grounds during peak hours, allowing a safe experience for everyone involved.

Unarmed Security Guards Are an Effective Deterrent

A uniformed guard without a firearm is surprisingly effective in deterring anyone with ill intentions. Some parks opt for a security guard wearing street attire, and these decisions are best made by talking with a professional security coordinator. The coordinator can share insight into typical park security coverage and what options work for the budget. In determining what is best for your park, call to speak with someone and find out the cost by asking for a free quote that doesn't cost a thing.

Do not be fooled by an unarmed guard because they are trained in other skills to protect others and handle potentially dangerous people or situations with professionalism and effectiveness. Often, the best-trained guards handle things well ahead of them ever becoming a problem. Specialized training to watch for behaviors that typically lead to disruptive actions. Only professionally trained guards offer this proactive level of safety at parks across the nation.

If it is decided an armed security guard is best, one can be confident they are expertly trained, with specific additional training on areas that involve children and civilians.

Volunteer Security v Professionally Trained Private Security Guards

Some volunteers go to parks across cities in the United States. These volunteers are typically senior citizens offering their time and energy. If you have ever run into one of these volunteers, they are so friendly and approachable, and the kids usually love to get a sticker from them. However, the value of these park volunteers is to build community and a sense of safety, not necessarily to deter a criminal. Highly trained private security guards come from experience in military and law enforcement. Able to fulfill all the physical requirements required when removing someone or dealing with a potentially disruptive situation, the best security guards do their job without scaring the children or the families at the park.

Historic Park Resident Volunteers Benefit from Daytime Security Guard Coverage

Most parks across the nation have an on-site residence where the park ranger resides and can keep an eye on the park after hours. However, during the day, when potentially 100 children or more are running around the park and the public have full access, doesn't it make sense to have an extra set of hands during the busiest times of the day? The children and families that go to parks would greatly benefit from having a trained security guard visible. Not only is a pointed security guard someone people can go to for emergencies, but it also puts people at ease, knowing anyone unwelcomed can be asked to leave, or anyone creeping around can be monitored and addressed.

Regardless of which community you live in, a park nearby is about to get really crowded. If you consider private security guard coverage for a community, a public city park, or a historic park, everyone benefits from a little extra protection these days. Unfortunately, there are bad people out there, and often they find children are easier to prey upon than adults. Park environments are prime targets for criminals looking to harm or abduct children, so offering security guard coverage prevents that from happening in your park. Providers like Off Duty Officers, Inc. has a nationwide presence and can place highly trained security guards, armed or unarmed, within 24 hours of the request. Although these professional men and women take their roles seriously, guards are customer friendly. They understand that being at a park includes an exceptional level of interaction with frantic moms, dads, nannies, grandparents, and an abundance of youthful energy. Only the best security guards handle these scenarios easily, making everyone comfortable except for the bad guys!

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