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Known as the destination where the turf meets the surf, Del Mar remains one of San Diego County’s most majestic coastlines. Del Mar bustles with tourists, thriving businesses, and active residents. When it comes to keeping Del Mar safe and secure, Off Duty Officers continue to lead the security industry as the highest-rated provider.

Off Duty Officers, Inc. has provided top-notch security services to residents and businesses throughout Del Mar since 1993.

Off Duty Officers, Inc. provides exceptional security services for personal and professional needs and is the only security provider with the flexibility to quickly dispatch skilled guards, regardless of the specifics. We have a deep roster of loyal and dedicated security guards with expertise and military and law enforcement training, ensuring the best possible protection for residents, businesses, visitors, and events in Del Mar.

Off Duty Officers Specialize in Major Security Needs for Del Mar

Every security need is unique, and only Off Duty Officers understand the nuances of the security needs in Del Mar.

Del Mar 24-Hour Security Guard Coverage

Commercial businesses in Del Mar often choose 24-hour security coverage, especially during busy tourism months. Our skilled team of security professionals is adaptable and integrates swiftly into their work environments. Our security personnel are trained to work with and operate high-tech surveillance equipment and provide exceptional security protection for businesses, special events, and gated residential communities. When it comes to ensuring superior safety and security in Del Mar, Off Duty Officers is the industry leader. Uniformed armed or unarmed guards can successfully deter crime, mitigate threats, and act in emergencies. Protecting investments, property, and people in Del Mar is a top priority for our trained and skilled professional security personnel. Every security guard is insured, bonded, and licensed to work in Del Mar.

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Del Mar’s Most Reliable Security Guard Services

Special Events in Del Mar Deserve High-Quality Security

Del Mar has plenty of special events, and many draw significant crowds. The racetrack consistently requires security on site to assist with parking and access and ensure behavior inside the facility is kept in check throughout the day. When it comes to positioning security guards at special events in Del Mar, only Off Duty Officers are above standard when it comes to professionalism and being customer-service oriented. In the thirty years we have provided security services to Del Mar, clients continue to give excellent feedback on the quality and reliability of our security personnel.

The background and training of the men and women on the Off Duty Officers team prepare them and equip them to act in emergencies and discreetly handle situations that occur during special and highly populated events.

Residential Protection Excellence from Off Duty Officers

Undeniably, gated residential communities and private homes in Del Mar want to feel safe. Beyond what a neighborhood watch program can provide, Del Mar residents want top-notch protection, which is only possible when working with a professional security guard company like Off Duty Officers. Whether monitoring access and surveillance equipment for a gated residential community or providing mobile security services throughout Del Mar neighborhoods, it makes sense to invest in the safety of the residents of Del Mar.

Retail and Loss Prevention Coverage for Del Mar Businesses

The heavy traffic through Del Mar may leave some businesses and retail malls vulnerable to theft and crime. What Off Duty Officers, Inc. guarantees the best security coverage for all storefronts and shops. Valuable artwork and bustling streets keep store owners busy helping customers, not chasing down someone suspected of stealing. Collectively working to cover their stores, Del Mar business owners come together to invest in protecting their assets and property throughout the busy season. Del Mar store and restaurant owners call on the expertise of Off Duty Officers and have since 1993.

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Off Duty Officers Del Mar Security Guard Solutions

Off Duty Officers, Inc. has flexibility that allows for the swift dispatch of qualified professional security guards without a contract. Sometimes, it is impossible to predict a security need, and we are the only security guard provider that can offer this to Del Mar clients. Quotes are free, and our expert security solution coordinator will work to ensure you get the safety you deserve at an affordable price.

Whether your security need is long or short-term, you want armed or unarmed guards in uniform or street attire, Off Duty Officers can fill your need perfectly. Even if you are still determining what security coverage makes sense for your unique need, we can help you decide and offer the best security solution, guaranteed.

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