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The bustling and vibrant town of Edinburg, Texas, is finding more ways to provide a higher level of safety to encourage greater connection for everyone in the community, including students, visitors, and residents. The businesses and people of Edinburg see the value of providing security guard protection at city buildings, events, businesses and storefronts, and even mobile security guard detail as the city has just added a scooter system.

Offering safety to the people and businesses in Edinburg means more opportunities for getting together and building business.

Offering beautiful parks and sites to visit, with an equally impressive downtown area, Edinburg is a popular place to raise a family and experience that strong sense of community. Edinburg offers something for everyone, large enough to host major corporations and small enough to host regular weekend markets and events. As Edinburg's popularity grows, so does the need to provide the best protection available. Off Duty Officers has first-hand knowledge of the unique needs of Edinburg. Specializing in providing only the most qualified and experienced security guards is what Off Duty Officers excels at doing.

Security Guards Protect Edinburg

Some of the top reasons Edinburg seeks to hire security guards are to patrol and monitor new construction, high attendance city events, and employee terminations. In a growing city like Edinburg, the events calendar is full of community gatherings, ribbon-cutting ceremonies, and lively city nightlife.

Large City Events are organized in an effort to continue connecting and networking among the residents of Edinburg. Fundraising events, athletics, parades, and more all benefit from adding exceptional security guard staff to allow everyone to enjoy themselves to the fullest. Edinburg prides itself on keeping its residents safe, and having armed or unarmed security guards at any event with public access puts people at ease.

New Construction is happening all over Edinburg. As the city encourages new businesses and new construction, Edinburg's economy grows, and tourism is on the rise. As investors choose this unique city, the best security guards can offer next-level protection over active construction sites and materials. Security guards can work in a temporary building or continually monitor the area. Access points at construction sites are often not monitored, but security guards can keep track of who is coming and going, making sure theft does not occur. Another concern that security guards address is vandalism. Vandalism is costly to remove and often delays projects. Hiring private security guards for construction sites removes these risks and helps the projects move smoothly and finish quickly.

Employee Terminations are never pleasant. Companies typically have someone from human resources handle the termination. Still, in today's political climate and the strain of COVID-19 restrictions, some people losing their job might react dangerously. Corporations are taking heed and asking for security guard coverage during these high-risk terminations. Having a security guard present, either armed or unarmed, puts the other employees at ease and ensures the terminated employee leaves the building and collects their things without disrupting anyone else. Security can also follow the terminated employee to their vehicle and deter any property damage attempts on the way out.

If you live in Edinburg and are having an event, consider hiring a private security guard from Off Duty Officers. Whether a wedding, graduation, or fundraiser, the presence of a professional security guard can make the event much more comfortable for the attendees and ensure everyone's safety. If you own a business or are starting a business in this beautiful city, hiring the best security guards available will provide a level of protection unmatched in Edinburg. Named the Gateway to the Rio Grande, Edinburg relies on Off Duty Officers to keep the city and neighborhoods safe and secure.

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University Security Guard Protection

Edinburg is home to The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. As students find their home in Edinburg, either temporarily or to settle down, ensuring students can safely enjoy all that Edinburg has to offer is essential to stengthening the community. Any university town has a responsibility to ensure students are safe and have many resources available to help them navigate the university experience. Off Duty Officers is repeatedly requested to provide additional security guard staff for university events and campus patrol.

Above and Beyond Security Service

Off Duty Officers train their security personnel to strive to achieve more than is being asked of them. The exceptional men and women who are part of the incredible team at Off Duty Officers have a background serving in the military or law enforcement. This qualifying background provides outstanding knowledge and understanding of providing the best security for a city like Edinburg, Texas. Off Duty Officers continues to offer training to their security guards, ensuring they have the most current information on threats and trends, giving the community the highest level of service and safety.

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