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Businesses across the nation are facing growing security challenges. High-tech cameras and security systems cannot replace the human element that business security companies can provide. For over 25 years, companies of all sizes and across all industries have trusted Off Duty Officers to handle their commercial security needs. When a situation arises, our clients can feel confident that the issue will be treated with professionalism by our team of qualified security officers.

At Off Duty Officers, our security guards are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you with quality, reliable business security services when and where you need it. We are not a cookie-cutter commercial security company. Our security services are tailored to meet your needs, no matter the type or level of security you require.

If you are a business owner, you know that keeping your employees, customers, and assets safe is one of your primary responsibilities. No matter the size, longevity, or clout your business holds, any business is at risk for serious security threats. Having quality commercial security services is not a luxury; in this day and age, it is a requirement.

Commercial Security Services You Can Rely On 

When you need a commercial security company you can trust, look no further than the security experts at Off Duty Officers. Since 1993, our team has been the leading provider of reliable, competent and experienced guards to businesses across the country. Commercial security services help companies reduce risks such as theft, vandalism and fire by providing security solutions including:

  • Access control to parking areas and buildings
  • Enforce property regulations and company policies
  • Monitor for suspicious behavior
  • Perform regular and irregular mobile patrols
  • Maintain visitor logs
  • Report security incidents to company officials and law enforcement
  • Act as first responders to emergencies
  • Provide fire watch services
  • Lobby and front gate protection
  • Assist employees and customers in an evacuation
  • Handle disgruntled employees or customers
  • Mitigate workplace violence situations
  • Escort an employee after a termination
  • Maintain order in parking lots and garages

Why You Should Hire Commercial Security Guards – Off Duty Officers 


At Off Duty Officers, we work with some of the best security personnel the industry has to offer. Many of our guards are off-duty or retired military or law enforcement personnel, so you know that they have years of experience in a variety of challenging situations. In addition to their extensive on-the-job training, they receive robust additional skills through the many training options provided by Off Duty Officers. This ensures that our guards are prepared for all emerging security challenges and understand the latest security technologies, two things we know you expect from a commercial security company.


At Off Duty Officers, we pride ourselves on our reputation for being honest and upfront at all levels of our business. Integrity extends from our top-level staff to our on-site guards, and everyone in between. When a commercial security guard from Off Duty Officers arrives at your business, you can have peace of mind knowing that he or she is ready to act in the best interests of your business.


Security is our business. We work with security guards who have made the protection of your business their careers. In addition to extensive experience and unmatched training, our guards provide commercial security services that are unparalleled in the industry. The mere presence of one of our guards on your property will deter most criminals from attempting to make your business a target. And, a professional security team shows your employees and customers that you care about their safety.

The Benefits of Working with a Business Security Company  

Security is all about protecting what is most important to your business: people, equipment, merchandise and your peace of mind. Achieve these goals and more by contracting with a professional commercial security company like Off Duty Officers. With our comprehensive business security solutions, you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.

Professional security services from Off Duty Officers provide more than a physical deterrence to crime. Our clients can expect additional benefits that include:

  • Security protection even when your business is closed
  • When-you-need-them security personnel for unexpected closures, emergencies or other spontaneous events
  • Customized security solutions to meet your exact requirements and budget
  • Guards backed by the leading commercial security company in the nation

Are you ready to work with the #1 Commercial Security Guard Company? 

Off Duty Officers is the leading, full-service security guard company in the country. In addition to our highly-regarded business security services, we also provide armed and unarmed guards for customers in industries including event, residential, construction, hospitals, VIP and executive protection, corporate events and trade shows. Contact our team of security specialists today to find out more about our services and how our team can best serve your business.

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