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Off Duty Officers continues to raise the bar in security guard placement in McAllen, Texas. Established and providing excellence for more than 29 years, Off Duty Officers keeps customers coming back due to the consistent placement of the highest quality security guards for all their business and private needs. Whether planning a special event, wanting employee termination security, or requiring building access safeguarding, Off Duty Officers is unmatched in the quality and availability of armed and unarmed security guards in McAllen.

Experienced in serving large corporations, small businesses, and venue patrol, Off Duty Officers can provide short term and extended services. Other providers are unable to meet the high caliber of the security guards offered through Off Duty. Understanding each need is unique, Off Duty finds the absolute best placement to provide the level of security you need. Contact a specialist today for a quote that can’t be beat.

Exceptional McAllen Security Guards

Hiring security guards through the top-rated placement firm in McAllen, Texas means you have the best protection available. The teams are comprised of qualified retired military and law enforcement. This incredible group of professionals have experienced real-life situations and acted with confidence, authority, and expertise. The service Off Duty Officers offers 24-hour support. Gone are the days of being limited by the hours or the days you need coverage.

Off Duty Officers has more than 28 years of experience tailoring customized security coverage for construction sites, fire watch services, and large events. Offering full range of service, Off Duty Officers is able to place the most qualified individuals on short term, temporary, live or mobile patrol assignments. Off Duty prides themselves on the internal training and competence of their security guard team members upon arrival. You will be impressed by their knowledge, insight and professionalism.

Some of the highest demands In McAllen for Off Duty Officers are:

Construction Site Security – construction sites are not only valuable but vulnerable. Especially with materials on site and temporary access points, having security guards on site ensure the site and materials are safeguarded. Security presence also deters vandalism attempts or other criminal activity.

High Risk Workplace Terminations – times are stressful in our nation and abroad. Losing a job or being asked to leave a company can cause strong emotional response. In high-risk terminations, it is best to protect you, your property, and your employees by hiring a security guard. The presence of security creates a sense of order that does not leave room for vengeful behavior.

Mobile Patrols – mobile patrols are popular because more ground can be covered. When it is viable, mobile guards allow greater coverage and is helpful when a large area needs continuous monitoring. The mobility element is a significant deterrent to those with less than honorable intentions.

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We pride ourselves on professional security services, including private security, armed guard security, event security, residential security, retail security and more. Contact us today for a FREE instant quote.

Corporate Executive Protection

If you own a corporation, your top-level executives are invaluable. These men and women hold company secrets and are assets themselves. Off Duty Officers understands how valuable these C-level executives, board members and their families are. Traveling is a fundamental part of the position at this level, and having private security allows your top-level people to function at full capacity, without the distraction of unwanted media attention and worrying about their safety.

Off Duty Officers are specially trained in this area and provide excellent and personal service at this level. Off Duty’s security guards are trained in what credible threats are, and how to handle crowds and suspicious activity at events, meeting venues and product launches. Safeguarding those who hold immeasurable value in your corporation means higher cognitive engagement as safety concerns can be dismissed knowing it is handled professionally by an armed or unarmed security guard from Off Duty Officers.

McAllen Security Guard Solutions

The McAllen community is eager to attend events and bring back the face-to-face connection with others. If you own a business in McAllen, providing your community members with peace of mind while attending events or visiting your business is priceless. As people have learned to do without for so long, now they have choices. Providing security guards to safeguard your business or event means attendees can fully enjoy what you have to offer. Off Duty Officers has specialists available 24 hours a day to work with you and help suggest the best options. Providing safety and security are now a top priority, and your customers deserve it.

Off Duty Officers continues to lead the industry with the most qualified security guard placement in and around the McAllen, Texas vicinity. Established in 1993, Off Duty Officers brings more than 29 years of experience in placing guards who fit the needs and style of McAllen. Reach out to a specialist today for a free quote.

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