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Personal Security Services You Can Count On

VIP protection and personal security services have become more necessary than ever before. With the increased risks across the world, it is critical that individuals and businesses take security seriously. Off Duty Officers provides personal security protection services nationwide for a variety of clients including business executives, politicians, domestic or foreign dignitaries, entertainment and sports celebrities and other notable individuals. 

When the personal security of an individual counts, don’t rely on an inexperienced private security company. Off Duty Officers has been in business for over 25 years. We work with off-duty and retired law enforcement professionals and military personnel who are licensed and trained according to our high standards. Our management team recognizes the unique challenges and needs of personal security protection. The personal security guards deployed for our clients are chosen specifically to meet your needs and provide the highest level of personal protection possible. 

Off Duty Officers works with individuals and businesses to provide professional, highly-competent guards for your VIP security and personal security needs. We specialize in providing the following personal security services: 

  • Personal protection guards
  • Executive protection guards
  • Transportation and security drivers
  • Individual and vehicle escort services
  • Access and crowd control 
  • Threat monitoring 
  • Protective surveillance 
  • Emergency and threat management   

Whatever your personal security needs, Off Duty Officers will partner with you to create a plan customized to meet your safety and security goals. Our security personnel has some of the most advanced training in modalities including threat assessment, emergency response, conflict resolution and security technology. When you work with Off Duty Officers, you can feel confident that your personal security is in the most capable hands. 

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Short or long-term nationwide security guard services are reliable, affordable, and carefully tailored to your precise security needs.

Executive Protection

Wealthy or high-powered business executives are one of the biggest consumers of personal security services. Due to their high public profile, they can often be the targets of violence, harassment or other threatening activities. When executives visit new cities, they can be at an even higher risk. Trained personal security personnel can provide the protection they need, no matter the scope of the risk. 

Executives may seek personal protection anytime; however, some of the most common situations in which they may contract with a private security company include large-scale layoffs, business or personal travel, board or shareholder meetings, labor disputes or special events. In these situations, the skilled security personnel from Off Duty Officers can provide a wide range of security services for executives. 

  • Low-profile protective surveillance 
  • Body guard protection 
  • Security drivers
  • Transportation management 
  • Security sweeps of meeting spaces
  • Security sweeps of vehicles
  • Managing confrontations 
  • Assessing potential threats
  • Individual or team security units 
  • Armed or unarmed security protection

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Celebrity Security Protection

Celebrities and other high-profile individuals are often in need of personal security services while they travel, attend events, shop, dine or take part in any kind of public or personal activity. At Off Duty Officers, we have worked with celebrity and VIP clientele to protect them from overzealous fans, paparazzi, the media and those with ill intentions. 

Personal VIP security is a necessity for many celebrities these days. They are often the target of theft, assault, kidnapping, blackmail and other serious threats. It is more important than ever before to choose a personal security company that you can trust. Off Duty Officers is known for taking the personal security of prominent clients extremely seriously. Our guards work tirelessly to protect our clients, utilizing their training to do what it takes to deter threats and provide peace of mind. 

Personal Security

You don’t have to be a famous celebrity or high-level business executive to benefit from personal security services. Unfortunately, some people find themselves in the public eye and facing frightening threats to their personal safety. People who are dealing with stalking or death threats often find comfort in the protection that highly-trained, professional security personnel can provide. 

Personal security services can be for short or long term assignments. Some clients wish to have a security presence 24 hours a day, while others only require protection in certain circumstances. Whatever your needs, Off Duty Officers can provide the best personnel for your situation. 

VIP Security and Personal Security Services Nationwide

Since 1993, Off Duty Officers has been providing off-duty and retired law enforcement officers and military personnel to clients across the country. Our mission is to always work to achieve a higher level of performance, giving our clients the highest levels of security possible. We pride ourselves on keeping our services customized, affordable and state-of-the-art.

If you require the most professional VIP protection and personal security services available, contact Off Duty Officers today. Our specialists will help you identify the best security measures for your unique needs, leaving you feeling confident that you are getting the best. 

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