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Mountain View is home to technology companies like Google and Intuit. Mountain View is among the cities in Santa Clara County that are considered cornerstones in Silicon Valley's growth and development. Many high technology companies were founded in Mountain View, and most still have a significant presence. The residents of Mountain View enjoy a warm climate most of the year and the city is full of residential communities in the suburbs. Mountain View's proximity to San Francisco Bay keeps it busy year-round with events and visitors mixed in with the activity of cutting-edge technology employees on the move. Mountain View prioritizes the safety of the people who live there, and businesses consider security detrimental to providing an ideal work environment. Off Duty Officers has partnered with Mountain View businesses and residents since 1993, and we continue to be the lead security guard provider in Silicon Valley.

The professional team of security guards that only Off Duty Officers can consistently dispatch to Mountain View have backgrounds in military and law enforcement. Our skilled security personnel are off duty guards with experience and knowledge in the field. We provide unarmed and armed guards in Mountain View and customize every security solution to meet the unique needs of every business, event, or personal security need. We pride ourselves on our reputation for affordable and excellent private security in Mountain View.

If you own a business or home or are responsible for construction sites or events in Mountain View, Off Duty Officers has the protection you need at a price that fits the budget. We have the flexibility to offer non-contract security solutions for short—and long-term security needs. You only need to make one call, and that is to Off Duty Officers at 844-219-3521. Our security coordinator partners to meet all your security needs, and we will never oversell services.

Complete Security Services Offered in Mountain View

Providing top-level safety and security for the people, events, and businesses in Mountain View is our top priority. With more than 25 years of serving in Silicon Valley. We recognize the unique needs of our Mountain View clients. Mountain View's beauty and impressive technology culture have specific needs regarding workplace safety, and ensuring people's safety and protecting assets is essential to a productive work environment. Our security personnel do risk assessments upon arrival and work to identify vulnerabilities and threats to existing companies in the same field. Our security guards suggest ways to mitigate these vulnerabilities and allow businesses to continue day-to-day work without disruption or risk the business's reputation.

Off Duty Officers Provides Full-Service Security Solutions

In Mountain View, your business and security needs are ours, and we do not take it lightly. We consider all relevant factors when helping Mountain View clients decide what level of security they seek and offer it at a price that fits the budget. We work with small, medium, and large companies and provide private security details to Mountain View’s residents. Here are some of the comprehensive security services we provide:

  • Short Term Security Guards, Unarmed or Armed
  • Long-term and permanent security officers for office lobbies, hospitals, banks, and retail
  • Commercial and Workplace Safety Security
  • Academic Institution Security
  • Cannabis Facility and Retail Security
  • Construction Site Security (Fire Watch, Access, 24-hour watch)
  • Corporate and VIP Security
  • Event Security
  • High-risk Employee Termination Security
  • Residential Security
  • Trade Show Security

If you are considering providing security and protection in Mountain View, Off Duty Officers has a security solution for your needs. We continue to lead the industry, are the most well-known in Silicon Valley, and have an outstanding reputation for going above and beyond for Mountain View clients.

Protecting Technology Firms and Assets in Mountain View

Mountain View is one of Silicon Valley's cornerstones. It still has a large technology business presence, and many people relocate to this area to work in the growing industry. As companies of significance call Mountain View their headquarters, protecting company assets and providing a safe workplace are essential to continued productivity and happy employees.

Retail and Restaurants in Mountain View Depend on Off Duty Officers

Our long-standing relationship with Mountain View clients provides insight into the unique needs of retail shops and restaurants in the area. When the city is busy and an event is occurring, our security personnel have customer service-based security skills that fit the culture of Mountain View. We provide a full range of security services to keep people safe and help businesses thrive without worrying about safety and security because Off Duty Officers have it covered. We have a reputation for going above and beyond, which is why we are the most requested security company in Mountain View.

Trade Shows and Event Security

Technology companies arguably put on some of the most impressive trade shows, largely due to the strides these companies are making behind closed doors that are revealed at these exciting events. Trade shows and events draw large crowds, and private security allows businesses and locations to exceed occupancy limits temporarily so that the event can go smoothly. Our trained and skilled security personnel know Mountain View's fire code and safety requirements and have experience working with local emergency services. The men and women who work for Off Duty Officers are experts at access management, crowd control, and loss prevention, which are all helpful at a trade show or other event.

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google mountain view silicon valleyOff Duty Officers want you to know that finding an affordable security solution, whether planned out months in advance or a last-minute need, does not have to be overwhelming; our security coordinator works diligently to present options to Mountain View clients and helps them determine the best security solution for their needs at an affordable cost. We understand every Mountain View client has unique needs, and we have the experience to meet those needs. Our security guards analyze security threats and do risk assessments at the beginning of every security assignment. We take safety and security to heart and believe everyone who wants security should be able to get it.

Contact Off Duty Officers Mountain View today to learn more about our complete security services. When the safety and protection of the people and businesses in Mountain View are a priority, we offer decades of experience and have a stellar reputation in the field. We are standing by to answer your questions and provide a hassle-free quote. Call us at 844-219-3521 or click here for an instant quote and provide Mountain View the safety and protection it deserves. 

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