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Do Marijuana Dispensaries Need Security?

The lines around the legality, use, and distribution of marijuana are hazy, with state and federal governments directly conflicting in their interpretations. The picture changes from one state to another as state laws in recent years have opened up to marijuana. As things stand, 11 of the 50 states allow the recreational use of marijuana, with a total of 33 giving the green light for medical purposes. That leaves a great deal of black-market demand for medical marijuana dispensaries to deal with, making its sale a high risk-business.

What’s more, many banks are turning down money from Marijuana sales because of the fear of federal rule breaches. Dispensaries consequently have to store large sums of cash onsite, further elevating the risk factor. Just like banks that steer clear of dispensaries, some big-name security companies, like ADT, for example, also shy from partnering with such businesses, citing the federal illegality of marijuana. It can, therefore, be hard for dispensaries to get qualified and proven security providers for their business.

A combination of factors such as the above makes security an incessant headache for dispensaries. Here’s how and why Off Duty Officers are the best to turn to for your marijuana dispensary security needs.

What Clients Can Expect

Off Duty Officers provide security guard services across the entirety of the United States. We offer security solutions for all types of Cannabis Industry Businesses, big or small, and bring the following to your marijuana dispensary business:

1. Quality Staff With The Best Training

The officers at Off Duty Officers undergo special and regular training to make them perfect for the job. These sessions cover the industry challenges common in the field, as well as specific problems concerning the facility in question. Our evaluators will first look at the risks arising from the nature of operations and the location, and come up with measures to provide flawless security.

2. Security Guard Experience to Match

From fire watch services and armed security to corporate events and hospital security, Off Duty Officers has seen and done it all. The Marijuana industry has come of age in recent years with the lightening of state laws. The company has been there to hold the hands of marijuana dispensaries and other facilities, offering years of security answers, tailor-made for each business. Having worked with several clients in the Marijuana industry, we know what works and what doesn’t for dispensary security. Our employees have sterling records in law enforcement and are sure to offer the same performance for your business.

3. Professional Service

All the staff at Off Duty Officers live up to a strict moral code of transparency and courteousness. Clients get not only the world-class services they need, but also the attention, respect, and professionalism they deserve. We lead the industry in all spheres of security and understand the crucial role security guards play as well in front-desk management. You can rest assured your clients will be treated with the utmost respect.

4. Authoritative Presence

Anyone thinking about a burglary will think twice at the sight of security personal. Offering protection throughout the day and night in uninformed ware, Off Duty Officers’ guards can deter criminals with their presence. Regular patrols and a serious showing of security might is effective in discouraging criminal activities.

5. Flexible and Cost-Effective Security

Security needs fluctuate for marijuana dispensaries from time to time. Stock deliveries or bank deposits can attract the wrong kind of attention, and Off Duty Officers increase security presence to ensure safe transitions during periods of elevated risk. At other times when security requirements are low, the company can also reduce its onsite personnel and save you money accordingly.

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Off Duty Officers Ensures Security & Safety For The Cannabis Industry

The target of criminals for its massive black-market appeal, Marijuana companies face a lot more risks than other businesses. Many see them as easy targets for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they keep not only stock but also cash on hand. Off Duty Officers has vast experience providing security solutions to businesses of all kinds. We are well-versed with the unique challenges that come with running cannabis-related businesses, and provide security in the following scenarios:

Outdoor farms

The layout of marijuana farms varies from one location to the other and contrasts depending on cultivation techniques. There isn’t a one-fits-all umbrella for security services because the challenges are unique and diverse. Like suits, we custom make our solutions at Off Duty Officers to provide the best approach to security given the site in question. We conduct assessments to established vulnerable areas and plan out security procedures, such as patrols, vantage points, among other others, keeping in mind points of weakness. Armed with proven long-range rifle skills, our guards can surveil large stretches of field, keeping the business safe and secure at all times.

Indoor grow facilities

It might seem that in-door facilities are somewhat immune to the challenges of farms, but that’s not the case. They still face just as many challenges, standing out like a sore thumb, with criminals easily taking notice. Appealing to the nefarious as soft targets, unguarded indoor grow facilities attract many threats. Off Duty Officers provide security for the premises through professional assessments based on our experience, site condition, and the input of our clients.

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