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School trips and other educational-based tours are a critical part of learning and development for students across the country. While opportunities for education outside of the classroom continue to expand in school districts, churches and other establishments, there is an ever growing need to focus on safety and security. 

Across the United States, those who are responsible for operating school trips have identified the need to provide increased security to protect their students while traveling. Middle school and high school age students can be at serious risk without the proper supervision and protocols in place to protect these young people. Providing professional security not only gives parents and caregivers peace of mind, but it keeps organizations operating these trips protected against liability and lawsuits. 

Leading School Trip Security Guards Nationwide

Professional security guard companies can provide the security you need when taking young people on trips for educational, athletic or other reasons. For over 25 years, Off Duty Officers has been trusted to provide reliable, competent security guards to protect young people in hotels, new cities, study abroad, high-traffic places of interest and large conventions. Our guards consult with organizing groups and school districts to ensure that all of their needs are met. We provide tried-and-true protocols to address security situations, so that students can get the most out of their experience. 

If you are responsible for a student group who will be traveling, it is imperative that you secure a reputable student trip security guard company to accompany your group and ensure their safety. Contact Off Duty Officers today to learn more about our school trip security guard services and to obtain your free quote.

Benefits of School Trip Security Guards

Travel security is no longer a luxury for student group organizers. Rarely a week goes by where we do not hear of a security incident that put the lives of people in danger. Today, a professional security company is one of your greatest partners in protecting young people on an educational or activity based trip. 

Off Duty Officers is the leading provider of custom security guard solutions for the student travel industry. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of your group, including overnight security. We are proud to be the trusted partner for student groups in school districts, bands and athletic teams as well as faith-based organizations. Our guards provide comprehensive security services that don't stop at protection. Guards from Off Duty Officers have intensive training in other emergency procedures, including first aid, CPR and fire safety protocols. 

Off Duty Officers has provided guards for youth tours and educational trips for a wide variety of groups including: 

  • School trips 
  • Educational trips abroad 
  • Church trips 
  • Church camps 
  • Marching band competitions 
  • Athletic tournaments 
  • Youth sightseeing tours 

Our dedicated team of school travel security guards provide a number of valuable benefits to group organizers both before and during the trip. 

  • Security Audits of Trip Locations 
  • Overnight Security Patrols 
  • 24/7 Security Protection

#1 Rated Student Travel Security Guard Services 

We offer comprehensive security solutions at competitive rates for student education trips, band competitions, sporting events, faith-based organizations and study abroad groups including: 

  • Enforcing curfew
  • Patrolling hotel grounds 
  • Pre-travel consultation 
  • Site surveys 
  • Group management 
  • Attendance tracking 
  • Travel escorts 

Security Audits of Trip Locations

During a student trip, you may be visiting any number of locations, from sporting venues and museums to airports and hotels. The security risks change from location to location. Trip organizers rely on the expertise of professional security guards to help them understand the risks at each location, devise appropriate security protocols and work with locations to ensure the safety and protection of their students. Student trip security guards from Off Duty Officers have a proven track record of effectively auditing trip locations to reduce risk and liability. 

Overnight Security Patrol Services

One of the greatest challenges for student trip organizers is monitoring students overnight. Many students may be out on their own for the first time and attempt to take advantage of their perceived freedom. If they do manage to sneak out at night, there is a risk that they could encounter an emergency situation and not know where to turn. It is critical that trip organizers put systems in place to keep students in their rooms overnight and prevent inappropriate behavior in the hotel. Guards can be essential in protecting students by monitoring hallways and professionally managing any issues that do occur. 

24/7 Security Protection

In addition to overnight protection, security guards play a vital role in keeping students safe throughout the day. They have specialized training in the identification and management of suspicious or unsafe behaviors by outside parties. Guards can keep a watchful eye on students during activities to ensure that no one gets left behind. For trip organizers, guards are a key element in ensuring that the trip runs smoothly and that all students have a positive experience. Guards from Off Duty Officers give trip organizers peace of mind and allow them to focus on educating the students. 

Contact Off Duty Officers for Student Trip Guard Services

By choosing a reputable security guard company for your student trip security guard solutions, you are providing the best protection for your students. Off Duty Officers provides licensed and insured guards nationwide to support the needs of trip organizers across the country. Our experienced guards know how to work with school, church and tour groups so everyone involved feels safe and secure. 

Call Off Duty Officers today at 844-219-3521 to learn more about our school trip security guard services. 

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