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If you are looking for the leading security services company in Tacoma, Washington, contact the security specialists at Off Duty Officers today. Our teams consist of the best security personnel available in the industry. Our professional security guards have been hired by a wide range of businesses to provide unmatched service for all types of security needs. Off Duty Officers provides a full range of security services including mobile patrols, armed security guards, unarmed guards, temporary guards and event security officers. When you work with Off Duty Officers, you can feel confident that you were working with the premier security guard company operating in the Tacoma area.

Do you have concerns about the safety of your business, event or attraction? Are you a private individual who requires professional security protection? Call Off Duty Officers today to speak directly with one of our security specialists. Our teams are trained at helping you understand your greatest security threats and recommending solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

Leading Tacoma Security Services

When Tacoma area business owners, event operators or individuals recognize the need for security services, they turn to the professionals at Off Duty Officers. For over 25 years, we have been the first call for a wide range of clientele including Fortune 500 companies, event operators, VIPs and executives, schools, hospitals, construction sites and commercial property managers. Clients return to us year after year because of the superior service they receive and the high-caliber of our security guards. 

We pride ourselves on our reputation for providing the best all-around service, and working with our customers to help them better understand their security needs. At Off Duty Officers, we know that every business is different. We listen to your concerns and assess other factors to help determine the best solutions for your unique needs. When clients work with us, they not only have the best guards in the business, but they have peace of mind.

Off Duty Officers has an impressive staff of retired or off duty law enforcement and military personnel and licensed security guards to provide a wide range of security services including:

  • Armed Security Guards
  • Unarmed Guards
  • Temporary Guards
  • Permanent, Long-term Security Officers
  • Commercial Security
  • Construction Site Security
  • Corporate Security
  • Event Security 
  • Fire Watch Services 
  • Hospital Security Guards
  • Mobile Patrols 
  • Private Party and Event Security 
  • Residential Security 
  • Trade Show Security 
  • VIP and Personal Security 
  • Workplace Violence Guards

#1 Security Company in the Nation

We pride ourselves on professional security services, including private security, armed guard security, event security, residential security, retail security and more. Contact us today for a FREE instant quote.

Event Security Guards Tacoma

Anyone who has coordinated or managed an event, understands that there are many moving parts. When you are working with venues, vendors and thousands of attendees, security must be one of the considerations on your list. Rather than attempting to hire and train security in-house, it is in your best interest and that of your attendees to work with a professional security guard company in Tacoma, WA. 

Our event security guards understand the threats you may face and are highly skilled and trained to respond to situations, to identify suspicious behavior and deescalate tense situations to protect your property and attendees. A strong event security staff can not only keep your attendees safe, but it can also protect your reputation and ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

Commercial Property Security Tacoma

If you own or operate a commercial property in Tacoma, you may be facing security risks that you are not even aware of. Vandalism, loitering, and theft are just some of the crimes that commercial properties are up against. If you have employees or customers coming in and out, you should secure highly trained security staff to protect them. Tacoma security guards can perform live patrols and monitor access points to ensure that unauthorized individuals do not enter the property and perpetrate crimes that could put people and property at risk, and cost you a lot of money.

Premier Tacoma Security Guard Services

At Off Duty Officers, we understand that you may not be able to predict when a security event may occur, but you can be prepared for anything. Our trained guards can be dispatched to your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are highly skilled at managing any situation you may encounter. From construction site guards to temporary executive protection, when you work with Off Duty Officers you can feel confident that our guards have the skills, competence and personality to get the job done.

Contact Off Duty Officers today for a free quote and a consultation with our security specialists. With one conversation, you can have a clear picture of your security needs and get recommendations for the best security solutions for your business. 

As one of the leading security guard companies in the nation, Off Duty Officers is ready to serve you. After all, your security is our business.

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