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School campuses require uniquely trained security guards to protect our children, teachers, and administrators. Nobody knows why schools seem to be a target for violence. Still, regardless of the reasons, everyone on campus deserves to feel safe while attending school, and Off Duty Officers understands this is critical for education.

Providing exceptional and reliable security for schools nationwide is our highest priority at Off Duty Officers. Providing schools with more than 25 years of experience, security specialists are onsite, armed, and able to act immediately. If someone accesses campus without authorization, security guards can divert the intruder early on and without hesitation, avoiding tragedy.

These dedicated and excellent men and women can handle any school campus crisis.

school security services

School Campuses Unique Security Needs

School shootings are too frequently in the news, and security guards allow students, faculty, and staff to feel secure and safe returning to school, giving peace of mind to the families of everyone on campus. If fear exists and students and teachers do not feel secure and protected, learning is not happening at the level it should. Safety must be a priority at schools, providing what students and faculty need to function normally to learn and grow. Off Duty Officers place only the most highly qualified men and women in the field, and they are experts handling the unique security needs of school campuses.

Monitoring Access – public school campuses are "closed campuses," which means there is a security gate around the school. Access is limited to those entering through the front office, and doors are locked to incoming traffic during the day. Although securing a school campus is valuable, it is limited without live security guards monitoring vulnerable areas specific to schools. Open spaces and frequently used doors for exit leave access otherwise unmonitored.

Setting An Authoritative Tone

Off Duty Officers understands the mere presence of professional and confident security guards deters unwanted behaviors on school campuses. Although many schools have one police officer onsite, that is not enough to provide the level of coverage students, faculty and staff deserve. Roaming the campus for disruptions and prohibited activities keeps students moving and prevents them from engaging in things on campus that are illegal and dangerous.

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Off Duty Officers – Security Guard Lockdown and Evacuation Protocol

The highly-trained security guards who are part of the exceptional team at Off Duty Officers, Inc. have extensive training from military backgrounds and law enforcement experience. These excellent guards are ready for any scenario and act with confidence and skill. If schools are provided a law enforcement officer, additional private security should be considered for all school campuses, from elementary to university. Being locked down due to an active threat on campus should be something students in America do not have to experience, but the reality is they need to be prepared. Off Duty Officers specialize in preparation training. Students and faculty are often relieved to have an expert onsite to lead these efforts and ensure the safest procedures are being followed accurately.

Having more than one security guard on campus provides order and gets everyone to safety in an evacuation. Students respond to authority figures in uniform more than the teachers and administrators in a natural disaster. Often, students get shaken up in an evacuation, and security guards can calm people down and stay focused on getting everyone to safety and remain calm.

Familiar with the protocol for any emergency, Off Duty Officers are the most highly trained school security guards nationwide. School budgets are renowned for being over-extended but calling for a quote allows schools to see how affordable security coverage is and how critical it is to include security guards in the budget each year.

Highest Level Security for Schools

Off Duty Officers offer a free consultation with an expert security coordinator who works with all sizes of schools and budgets. Presenting multiple solutions that ensure only the best security for school campus coverage, Off Duty Officers recognize how desperately schools want to be able to protect their students and staff. Off Duty Officers can make it happen and has only the highest-level security guards in the field. Staffing enough security to allow roaming of the campus and stationary coverage means next-level protection for school campuses and students.

No school should experience the tragedies reported on the news. Having private security guards increases the likelihood that any unwanted people on campus will be addressed and handled immediately, avoiding the chances of a heightened situation where students and staff are in harm’s way. The dedicated men and women security specialists of Off Duty Officers have trained at the highest level for their work and continue training as current trends of school violence are identified. There is no room for error.

First aid is another area where security guards can provide extra care on campus. Able to help provide immediate medical attention, work with emergency agencies, and sustain care until they arrive is yet another top-notch service all Off Duty Officers are trained to handle.

Always arriving on assignment prepared, trained, and ready to do a preliminary risk assessment, Off Duty Officers are exceptional. A risk assessment checks all emergency equipment, ensuring everything is in working order and up to date. The highest trained security guards from Off Duty Officers masterfully identify any areas of the campus that are vulnerable to access and work with each school to find solutions to these vulnerabilities and provide extra attention to these areas as needed.

No matter what size school you are responsible for, whether elementary or university campus, security guards should be a serious consideration as schools have become a target for acts of violence. Allowing students and faculty to work productively because they feel safe is worth every penny, and Off Duty Officers has the best school security guards in the field.


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