Keeping Kids Safe Amid School Shootings

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Statistics indicate that there were about 25 shootings in 2019 that happened in a learning institution or during a school-sponsored event. The year before that, there were 24 mass shootings across schools in America, and that brings us to an important matter of national concern: how do we keep our school-going kids safe during these trigger-happy times?

There’s never been a harder time to be a student than the present, and we propose a few strategies that may help keep the ones we love safe.

Keeping Children Safe at School

Bulletproof backpacks for students

Tough times call for tough measures, and a bulletproof backpack may prove the difference between life and death when the unfortunate happens. Often, sales of these items skyrocket after a mass shooting, but it’d be wise not to wait for disaster to come calling to think about taking safety precautions. 

Developing an interactive school culture

An Alfred University study found out that a considerable percentage of students believe their teachers should care and pay more attention to them. It’s typically the case that with such large numbers, the individual needs of a single student is often grouped under a singular roof yet each child is unique and has an exclusive set of needs. The school should invest resources tending to a child’s academic as well as emotional necessities so that troubled students who are likely to resort to violence are identified and helped. 

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Implementing comprehensive security protocols in schools

Perimeter fencing and implementing a singular entrance system where everyone entering the institution can be checked and frisked go a long way in making students think twice about carrying a gun to school. Specially trained security guards can also help in the implementation of these protocols and secure the perimeter in case of a shootout. They can also prevent bullying, break up fights, and take note of suspicious figures hanging around the school, possibly planning to cause trouble. 

Parents should keep their guns out of reach

In 2018, it is estimated that kids brought guns to school more than 390 times! That begs the question: where does a minor get a handgun or, worse yet, an assault rifle? If you’re a licensed gun owner, you should preferably have a safe to keep your gun as opposed to hiding it in a drawer you think no one else knows about.

Guns have also become plentiful on the streets as, apparently, it’s just as easy to buy a gun as it is candy. While there’s not a lot anyone can do about that save for the government, it’s important that parents keep an eye on their children for signs of suspicious behavior, e.g. a bag they never want you to touch.

Encouraging kids to talk about their day

Did you know that only five in ten kids would tell their parents about a student making threats about shooting another? Findings by Alfred University brought that to light via a survey where 54% of participants responded in the affirmative about telling on other students making gun-related death threats.

It’s therefore highly important to develop a home culture where you encourage your kids to talk about their day in great detail. That may encompass who they met, what they did, and if there was anything out of the ordinary about a friend or other student that might hint toward violence. If they continually learn to open up at home, they may let on a few red flags that could prevent a disaster. 

School shootings are spiraling out of control, but there’s a lot we can do about it to keep the kids safe. 2019 was a highly unfortunate record-breaking year for mass shootings, but hopefully, we can take back the safety of our schools with these proposed solutions, among many others. 

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