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Tucked away between Cupertino, Mountain View, and San Jose, Sunnyvale is part of the cornerstone group of cities considered part of Silicon Valley. Sunnyvale offers beautiful year-round weather for those who live and visit, but it also keeps Silicon Valley buzzing as established, and new technology companies call Sunnyvale their home. Yahoo! And Abbott have their headquarters here, and Sunnyvale is one of the most populated cities in the San Francisco Bay area. When it comes to protecting the people and companies in Sunnyvale, no other security provider does it better than Off Duty Officers.

Founded in 1993 and serving Sunnyvale and Silicon Valley for more than 30 years, we are hands-down the most qualified, skilled, and experienced security company serving Sunnyvale. Sunnyvale is unique because it uses a consolidated department of public safety with cross-trained emergency services professionals. Our security guards, with military and law enforcement backgrounds, partner with the Department of Public Safety to communicate about events, security threats, and needs when dispatched to Sunnyvale for a short- or long-term assignment. Our professionally trained security personnel always do risk assessments and identify threats and vulnerabilities to ensure a thorough security plan is in place as soon as they arrive on assignment.

Protecting What Matters in Sunnyvale

When it comes to safety, security, and protection, Sunnyvale clearly values security services to enhance business and tourism and keep residents safe and secure. Sunnyvale and Silicon Valley are the hubs of business and technology, and these companies require top-level security. Off Duty Officers continues to lead security providers because of our reputation of excellence, prompt dispatch, and a partnership that meet and exceeds security expectations. Our security personnel are trained professionals who are insured, licensed, and bonded to ensure Sunnyvale gets the peace of mind they deserve to do business safely and with confidence.

Off Duty Officers has provided unmatched security guard services to Sunnyvale for more than 30 years, and we continue to pride ourselves on our reputation with residents, business owners, and event planners. We customize security solutions to address security concerns and have trained and experienced security guards ready to dispatch when and where you need them. Our ongoing training keeps our roster of professional security guards current on security threats, surveillance technology, and de-escalation techniques. We have security who are effective, whether armed or unarmed, and looking for short-term and temporary roles as well as long-term and permanent needs. We have the most comprehensive security services in Sunnyvale and Silicon Valley. Whether the need is for a private or corporate event, mobile patrols, private security, commercial, retail, or residential, we have experienced and dedicated professional security guards ready to meet and exceed Sunnyvale's safety needs.

When you work with Off Duty Officers, you get more than the average security service. We hire off-duty and retired military and law enforcement personnel, as well as licensed security guards, to provide superior services. The training in best practices and customer-service based security allows our team of professional security guards to serve in elevated capacities for Sunnyvale’s businesses and residents.

If you are considering security for a private or corporate event or have a construction project on the horizon, contact Off Duty Officers today at 844-262-6650 to speak with our Sunnyvale security specialist. We will partner with you to customize a security solution to fit the budget and always work to find an affordable plan so that everyone in Sunnyvale who seeks safety and security has access.

Sunnyvale Security Guard Services

Sunnyvale business owners for small, medium, and large companies consider security a top priority. Our security team at Off Duty Officers are ready for dispatch 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We continue to provide excellent private security services through comprehensive plans with our extensive experience and training in these areas:

  • Bank Security
  • Cannabis Farm and Retail Security
  • Commercial Building Security
    • Medical Companies and Laboratories
    • Cutting Edge Technology
    • Science and Research Facilities
  • Construction Site Security
    • Fire Watch
    • Mobile patrol
    • 24-hour watch
    • Access Control
  • Corporate Security
    • Events
    • Lobby and parking areas
    • Trade shows and expos
    • VIP Private Protection Security
  • Hospital Security
    • Mobile patrols
  • Individual and Private Security Services
    • Events
    • Residential
    • Travel
  • Residential Security
    • Mobile patrols
    • Gate access management
  • Retail Security
    • Loss Prevention
    • Customer service based security
  • Workplace Security
    • High Risk Employee Terminations
    • Fire watch
    • Access Management

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We pride ourselves on professional security services, including private security, armed guard security, event security, residential security, retail security and more. Contact us today for a FREE instant quote.

Unique Security Needs of Sunnyvale

silicon valleyOff Duty Officers understands Sunnyvale businesses' and residents' unique security concerns and needs better than any other provider because we have been serving these areas for more than 30 years and have the highest approval rating for any security guard company in California. Events have many moving parts, and workplaces must be kept safe and secure for some of the most brilliant minds to work at full capacity. Between bustling residents and employees, only Off Duty Officers can provide the level of security and protection Sunnyvale deserves. We protect where you want protection, and our reputation for customer-service based security keeps Sunnyvale customers returning whenever they need protection and safety overwatch. We are the most requested security guard provider and have the highest rate of repeat customers in Sunnyvale.

When it comes to protection at the highest level, we are hands-down the best option!

We serve all sizes of Sunnyvale businesses as well as private and individual security requests. No matter what the need, we can provide the most comprehensive security solution at an affordable price. Off Duty Officers remains the most trusted security guard company in California. We can’t be beat in service, response time, and cost! We do not require contracts and never oversell our services. Off Duty Officers remains Sunnyvale and Silicon Valley's leading security guard provider. Contact us today and let us find a security solution that meets your needs! Our professional security coordinator is standing by and can answer any questions and provide options to fill your security needs.

Call Off Duty Officers at 844-262-6650 today for a hassle-free quote for Sunnyvale commercial, private residential, and retail security services. When you need security, you only need to call one company, Off Duty Officers.

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