Substations Increase Security Guards in Response to Increasing Attacks

ODO Power Grid

Americans rely heavily on power for work, school, and living. In five Pacific Northwest states, power substation attacks have increased since first seen in 2017. The rate of attacks is alarming. In an effort to prevent vandalism, suspicious behavior, and activity, substations are working with reputable security providers.

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Security Guards Provide Protection at 24-Hour Businesses

ODO Gas Station Late

Businesses that offer customers 24-hour access are beginning to recognize it is necessary to provide security personnel on location to protect employees, customers, and assets on the property. Gas stations and grocery stores are some of the few businesses that still offer 24-hour access. Due to the nature of these businesses and the typical lack of security guards, these locations are becoming more frequent targets for criminals and loiterers. Hiring private security personnel is a solid and affordable solution for all 24-hour businesses.

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