Substations Increase Security Guards in Response to Increasing Attacks

Americans rely heavily on power for work, school, and living. In five Pacific Northwest states, power substation attacks have increased since first seen in 2017. The rate of attacks is alarming. In an effort to prevent vandalism, suspicious behavior, and activity, substations are working with reputable security providers to hire additional security guards to watch and monitor the facility and perimeter. People often overlook how vulnerable power substations are and how critical it is that they work without disruption. In 2022, more power substation events occurred than in previous years and continue to increase. The need for greater power protection in the nation has prompted an outcry from the public as families suffer with no power for extended lengths of time, disrupting work, school, and home life.

Homeland Security Warns of Heightened Threats

Homeland Security warns of threats to the nation's critical infrastructure. Utility facilities have reported more than triple the number of physical attacks on energy departments, reports of suspicious activity have doubled in 2022, and other human-related incidents are projected to be higher for 2022 than in previous years.

The heightened security risk has power facilities and other public utility services increasing the number of on-site security personnel. Providing greater protection against vandalism, suspicious activity, and cyber-attack attempts are essential going into 2023. The increasing number of attacks, and the growing trend, have Americans concerned that some of these efforts may be to find our nation's soft targets and vulnerabilities that can cripple cities. It is not confirmed that the attacks since September were a coordinated effort, but it is not ruled out either.

States with Substations Under Attack

Attempts or attacks on substations affected Florida, Oregon, Washington, and North and South Carolina in the last four months. What are being called intrusions, substations lose power, leaving tens of thousands without power. Often, these attacks involve firearms. Highly trained and vetted security guards are experienced in working with and without weapons and identify suspicious behavior before it becomes a problem. Having someone designated to keep watchful eyes on the facility and activity means stopping something from happening. Substations across the nation are budgeting private security guards into the 2023 budget. They are already requesting significant numbers of increased security to work round the clock to monitor surveillance equipment and roam the perimeter. Having someone experienced in multi-tasking between these two safety measures and knowledge of threats to power substations is the only way to deter criminal activity at these critical locations.

Domestic Attacks

Unfortunately, after investigation, several of the planned attacks have been found to be initiated by domestic groups. One Neo-Nazi group was found guilty of scheming to attack power grids using firearms. The group's plan was designed to cause chaos and civil unrest in the nation. How unfortunate that Americans must protect themselves against foreign attacks and domestically. Fortunately, the plans were thwarted ahead of them being carried out.

Challenges of Power Grid Protection

Power grids have become the focus of attacks, and efforts are being made to protect substations better. However, until design can make these critical power sources more resilient, hiring security personnel to provide personal attention to facilities is the solution. The most exceptional security personnel in the nation have backgrounds in military and law enforcement, experienced in threat assessment and de-escalation tactics. Exceptional security guards provide the protection the power grid needs, especially at major substations across the nation. Since the power system spreads across the country, the lines are also easy targets for attacks. There are more than 55,000 substations and 160,000 power lines in the nation.

Another challenge is the expansion of power grids to include solar and wind energy. Existing power substations are maxed out, which makes them even more critical to protect. As 2023 approaches, power substations and essential power lines require additional security and protection. Working with reputable and established security personnel providers in the nation allows expedited dispatch of qualified and top-notch security guards. Nationwide providers, like Off Duty Officers, Inc., provides the most exceptional service, starting with a free quote.

Protecting Americans from foreign and domestic threats should be the highest priority, as loss of power, even temporary, is devastating. Medical facilities, homes without power in extreme weather, and extended loss of power leave families and companies vulnerable and helpless. Hiring excellent security means protecting precious power and getting to the people who need it. Although only five states have reported criminal activity at their substations, it is likely that in 2023, we will see these attacks continue in more states in our nation. As power grids, lines and substations are redesigned for better protection from natural disasters and attacks, using security guards to ensure there is no physical vandalism or attacks should be strongly considered by substations across the country.

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