Medical Centers Team with Security Experts for Live Emergency Drills

medical emergency

As active shootings have bannered across news feeds, everyone is taking measures to be prepared and know the best protocols to handle not only active shooters but all emergencies. Most companies meet the requirements required by law to keep people safe by providing signage, fire extinguishers, and even some employee safety training. More companies are beginning to incorporate private security in their budgets as these real-life nightmares are happening more frequently.

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Three Situations When Security Guards Are Beneficial

ODO Dark Alley

Today, businesses are acting on risk assessments that show certain situations when security is not optional but required to provide necessary protection and peace of mind. Only through partnering surveillance with a live security guard service can crimes be deterred and prevented.

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Three Signs It Might Be Time to Break Up with Your Security Guard Company

ODO BreakUp Stop Cycle

Investing in private security guards means there is a desire to provide next-level safety and security for employees, customers, or property. In any case, this investment should yield the highest quality security guards. The best nationwide providers will continue to work with clients to ensure the guards are exceptional, the needs are met and exceeded, and clients are satisfied.

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