Three Situations When Security Guards Are Beneficial

Today, businesses are acting on risk assessments that show certain situations when security is not optional but required to provide necessary protection and peace of mind. Gone are the days of companies feeling they have ample security with cameras, alarms, and other technology that offers surveillance. The simple fact is that any surveillance equipment, even if a company has spent thousands on top-of-the-line equipment, it is only valuable after a crime has been committed. Crime can be deterred and prevented by partnering surveillance with a live security guard service.

Live security guards elevate security efforts to next-level protection. Troublemakers and those who may be tempted to do something illegal against property or people at a place of business think twice and often move on. Confronting an armed or unarmed security guard is typically well beyond what someone is willing to deal with when looking for an easy crime to commit. There are some situations where highly trained and competent security guards are exceptionally valuable, and here we highlight three.

Higher-Crime Locations Require Security Guards

Finding a good place to lease or buy a property can be challenging. Often, there is more availability in less desirable areas, and for some companies, locating a business in a more vulnerable area makes financial sense. However, this decision can leave a company more exposed to criminal activity, and this is when it is essential to have live security guards. High-volume crime statistics can keep many companies away, but in some cases, this may be the only way to open a shop.

Sometimes a neighborhood's crime rates may increase after the decision to locate the business there. In this case, it becomes more complicated because moving may involve breaking a lease. Hiring private security guards who are highly trained and experienced working in higher crime areas is an easy and affordable fix for companies.

Parking lots that are dark and unattended can also be a popular place for crimes. If your business is next to a parking structure or lot, it would be a wise idea to provide your own security to ensure crimes committed in the parking lot do not spill over to your employees and customers. Providing protection so that your employees and customers can safely get to and from your establishment is necessary. Many companies do not realize how relevant this is for people to feel safe and return for future business.

If Alcohol Is Involved, Hire Security Trained to Handle Intoxication

Businesses that sell alcohol or host events that serve alcohol are best protected by offering private security guards. Extraordinary men and women in uniform masterfully establish order, professionally handle unruly or unwanted behavior, and take pressure off staff to break away from where they are needed. The last thing employees want to do is deal with someone who is belligerent or a danger to themselves or others. Customers can enjoy themselves more when an establishment that offers alcohol also provides a security guard.

Fights or belligerent customers can often be handled in a way that does not disrupt the festivities. Ensuring they are out of the parking area and do not cause any property damage before leaving saves people angst, time, and money. Ultimately, businesses and event planners benefit their guests enormously by hiring private security guards during business hours and large-scale events, including popular sporting events televised at bars.

Preventing Conflict Before It Begins with Disgruntled Employees or Customers

Regardless of if you have a manufacturing company with employees or a bustling storefront with customers regularly, it is likely you will have scenarios when you encounter someone disgruntled. Asking a customer to leave, refusing business to someone, or firing an employee who feels they didn’t deserve it can all create possible threats. In these three scenarios, hiring a professional and trained security guard to manage angry, upset, or disruptive people can have an immensely positive impact. If refusing business or needing a customer or employee removed, it is best handled by someone with experience. Highly charged emotional situations should be addressed using security guards, especially when they can be predicted, as in a returning customer.

Finding the right security guard provider is essential to a successful safety experience. Off Duty Officers has been dispatching the highest quality guards nationwide for over three decades. The long-standing relationships and experience working in these scenarios make them the best security guard company to provide the safety companies need and deserve. A deep understanding of security's complexities and different facets and how each assignment is unique is essential to exceptional companies. Reputable security guard providers can work with different budgets and make security available and affordable. If you have a business in an area that is more susceptible to crime, serves alcoholic beverages, or experiences a potentially dangerous employee or customer, please do not hesitate to contact a security coordinator. A free quote is just that. Free. So, there are no excuses not to call today and find solutions for your tricky situations that not only need security but demand it






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