Three Signs It Might Be Time to Break Up with Your Security Guard Company

Investing in private security guards means there is a desire to provide next-level safety and security for employees, customers, or property. In any case, this investment should yield the highest quality security guards. The best nationwide providers will continue to work with clients to ensure the guards are exceptional, the needs are met and exceeded, and clients are satisfied.

If you have experienced any of these three specific scenarios, you should contact your security guard provider to address your questions and concerns. Unfortunately, not all security guard companies are equal, so sometimes, it may mean breaking up and moving on to a security guard company that can better provide what you need and deserve. There are undoubtedly times when it is critical to communicate with your provider. One is when your guards are consistently NOT performing. Two is when your company may be growing or downsizing. Three, when you can’t even reach the company to address your questions and concerns.

Security Guards Are Consistently Inconsistent

Exceptional security guard companies do not sacrifice the quality of security guard hires when it gets busy. Tenured providers understand the value of consistently excellent security guards and hiring quickly and overlooking red flags due to increased demand is only a mistake waiting to happen. If hired security guards are consistently tardy, on their phones, and disengaged from their roles, it is time to address it. Unfortunately, any guards exhibiting these characteristics end up being more of a hazard than a help.

Contact your security guard company immediately; they should be available, hear you, and be willing to find a better fit for your needs. However, suppose low-quality security guards become consistent. If this is your experience, it is probably time to break up with your security guard provider and find one who shares the same safety values and standards as your organization.

Security Guard Needs Change as the Company Changes

Company growth or downsizing are natural occurrences in business. Especially in today's economic climate, it may be month-to-month changes in budget allowances. You may have the budget and need for private security for six months and then not as much in a slow period. The best security guard providers understand these changing needs and can modify and adjust coverage as clients' needs change. Depending on your security guard provider's size, resources, training, and reliability - this flexibility, or lack thereof, may be reason enough to break up and move on to find a security guard company that can better meet your needs and budget.

Smaller, less established companies may struggle to provide security coverage on demand and can provide varying coverage needs. If the security guard provider has a good relationship with its security workers, it is easier to fill sporadic and changing assignments.

Clear and Exceptional Customer Service Should Be Expected

At any time in a security guard contract, the client should be able to reach out and speak with a professional security coordinator to address any concerns, changes, or needs. Clients can feel ignored, unvalued, and frustrated without a caring and personal coordinator on the other end of the communication. It is unrealistic to claim that every guard will be a perfect fit the first time on every assignment. The need to make changes and modify coverage is part of the service that an exceptional security guard company should provide. Unreturned calls and emails when something is urgent are unacceptable. If your security guard company does not offer this service, there are better providers out there, and it might be time to break up with your current company.

Communication is essential in finding the right security guard coverage. If there is clear communication from the beginning, the security guards hired will likely continue to be an extension of that open communication when they arrive on assignment.

Ultimately, all security guard companies should aim to provide the highest-level security guards for their clients. It begins with clear communication, includes consistently excellent guards, and the flexibility to accommodate a business's changing needs. There are newer security guard companies and more established ones. There are larger providers, smaller ones, corporate-run and family-owned. Regardless, if you are hiring private security, you should feel an overwhelming sense of peace about the investment from the moment you call for a free quote. Clients deserve to feel valued and that the guards showing up care and are trained to handle expected and unexpected occurrences. Quality security guard companies do not sacrifice quality for quantity or integrity for need. The demand for private security is growing, and security guard providers are busier than ever. Make sure the company you choose only sends the most qualified guards with solid backgrounds, experience, and continued training. If your current provider doesn't, it may be time to break up and move on.

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