Security Guards Provide Protection at 24-Hour Businesses

Businesses that offer customers 24-hour access are beginning to recognize it is necessary to provide security personnel on location to protect employees, customers, and assets on the property. Gas stations and grocery stores are some of the few businesses that still offer 24-hour access. Due to the nature of these businesses and the typical lack of security guards, these locations are becoming more frequent targets for criminals and loiterers. Hiring private security personnel is a solid and affordable solution for all 24-hour businesses.

24-Hour Businesses Should Plan a Security Personnel Budget

In today's climate, it is wise for managers and owners of 24-hour businesses to strongly consider incorporating private security into their budgets. How often have you walked into a gas station late at night to find one employee running the entire store? These hours have a higher risk of personal harm, injury, or even death. An on-site security guard, especially at 24-hour businesses, effectively supports employees in offering customers the highest-level service. Adding security presence allows skeleton crew staff to manage customer conflicts and safely protect assets and store property.

During the day, security may be less critical because there may be multiple staff on location. The buddy system gives employees and customers options regarding issues, problems, or questions that may arise. Having a 24-hour business with one employee and no security leaves the company vulnerable and employees and customers at greater risk.

Armed and Unarmed Security Solutions Provide Next-level Safety

When choosing to hire armed or unarmed guards, it is a personal choice for business owners to bring on security personnel. The typical military and law enforcement backgrounds of the most exceptional security personnel available allow them to be effective with or without a firearm. There are many other non-lethal weapons available for security guards and tried and true de-escalation tactics.

Security Solutions Are Affordable

Since budget is typically the most common reason people do not consider hiring private security personnel, choosing armed or unarmed as well as uniformed or not are factors that affect the overall cost and make security affordable for every budget. Although the budget is a significant factor in hiring quality security guards, exceptional providers, like Off Duty Officers, Inc., believes it is critical to find the right person with the best training for the job. Skilled security professionals can handle emergencies, have medical training, and are always a step ahead due to their training. With expertise, things that a worker or a customer may miss are identified early and addressed before they become an issue. Focused on maintaining order, de-escalation is used with intoxicated customers, disgruntled loiterers, and other potential threats.

Security Guard Responsibilities for 24-Hour Businesses

The best security personnel make things easier for managers and business owners. The professional men and women who are well-regarded in the field offer 24-hour business support and safety. Although many business owners think security guards are not an affordable solution, they can be when working with an exceptional provider with a roster of experienced personnel.

Businesses open 24 hours for customers are more vulnerable to disruption and threats. Unsurprisingly, when other companies are closed, people are funneled to those few businesses open later. The customer base of people shopping between midnight and 4 am includes those in desperate situations and customers who may be under the influence. Being available increases the risk, and customer interactions can be intense. Businesses open late justify another person on site to establish authority, handle emergencies and provide staff support.

In countless situations, security guard presence deters people from committing crimes, causing a scene, and theft. Often, people do not want to face authority figures if they have ill intentions.

Emergency Response

No one is more qualified to act quickly and professionally in an emergency. Experience working with emergency agencies allows for quicker response times and better communication. The best security guards are trained in CPR and can provide life-saving treatment until emergency medical arrives. It is unreasonable if you stop and think about asking a single employee alone in the building to do all these tasks. So, when unable to staff late shifts at 24-hour businesses, hire private security personnel to bridge the gap and provide a safe place for your employees and customers while protecting assets. Having security on-site makes customers more comfortable doing business.

Security presence brings immediate value to any location. Whether a business, construction site, manufacturing facility, or private event, the fact is that today there are more risks than in previous years. How devastating to watch the news and hear about a shooting at a grocery store? Weekly grocery shopping or doing other necessary things, such as filling up your car with gas, should be safe things to do at any time. If you have a business with customers 24 hours a day, please consider adding security personnel for your late-night shifts.

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