Record Breaking Gift Returns Require Qualified Security Guard Oversight

As the weeks fly by and Christmas is only a week away, consumer spending is higher than anticipated despite the inflation permeating the nation. Higher consumer spending means more gifts under the tree and more returns following the holiday. Although many tensions and stressors go away after the holiday, as more flights are canceled every day, traveling stress, and extended guest stays result in heightened emotions at the counter. Malls, retail shops, and outlets are preparing for an influx of customers leading up to and following the holiday. Only qualified security guards can establish authority and maintain order in the chaos of gift returns following Christmas.

Security Guards Establish Order

Although customers will come to return gifts whether a security guard is on-site, it provides customers with peace of mind. It allows employees to work effectively throughout their shifts without needing to break away to handle an unruly or impatient customer. A uniformed security guard, armed or not, represents order and is often all the deterrent someone needs to keep their emotional outburst urges in check. However, if a customer does lose their temper with an employee or another customer, highly trained security personnel act quickly and minimize disruption to customers and staff.

Security Guards Are Trained in Emergency Services

It is always wise to have someone professionally trained in any area where there are large crowds with the potential for heightened emotions. Return days at the mall following Christmas are those days. Wouldn't it be wonderful to assume everyone out returning gifts is in perfect health? In reality, many people end up out on return days and are generally not out and about. Providing someone trained in military or law enforcement ensures professional experience handling emergencies. The best security personnel can masterfully handle medical emergencies, active shooter scenarios, and other potential threats. This burden should not fall on store employees or passersby and finding room in the budget is a smart move by retailers and mall owners.

Managing Disgruntled Employees and Customers

The focus of return days is mostly the dreaded customers who clearly need more patience and respond explosively to not getting what they want from the person behind the counter. One of the worst things to witness is a staff member and a customer going at it across the counter over a return. Security guards who are trained to de-escalate situations like this prevent these debacles from happening and scaring customers. Since specific behaviors are typical prior to an explosive situation, security personnel can address concerns early and often avoid these happenings altogether. Only due to exceptional training and laser focus are potentially disruptive or dangerous situations handled well ahead of becoming an issue.

Confidence in authority to ask customers to leave or request loiterers to move away from the storefront are things that staff should not have to be concerned with on the heaviest merchandise return days of the year. Offer employees and customers peace of mind by finding the best quality security personnel in your area. Working with a professional security coordinator can help find security and safety solutions that fit the budget and provide the highest level of expertise.

Shopping Center Parking Area Security

The parking lots and structures around shopping centers should not be overlooked as areas that do not require security oversight. Parking lots during heavy return days can be hectic, stressful, and a prime target for crime. When hiring private security specializing in shopping center safety, parking areas are part of the package. An extra set of highly trained eyes on behaviors and activity in parking areas can ease typical overpacked pressures and deter crime and tension. Trained parking security can also ensure cars and people are safe going to and from shops.

If you are a store or mall manager, make a small investment up front for consumers and employees by hiring private security guards. Alleviating the pressure of the next several weeks for staff and shoppers ensures a more positive experience and a safer environment. With many choices for security personnel solutions, guards can serve in these essential roles armed, unarmed, uniformed, or wearing street attire. The most exceptional security providers have multiple options for clients and work to find the best security solution. Nationwide provider, Off Duty Officers, Inc. is the best provider for all major cities and surrounding areas. A thorough vetting process and a team of qualified and exceptional security personnel are ready for last-minute dispatch. Contact the security and safety coordinator today for a free quote.

Make this post-holiday shopper experience exceptional. Offering top-notch security guards provide peace of mind and protect employees and consumers from bad behavior and potential danger as we enter the busiest merchandise return days of 2022.

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