Security Guards Safeguard End-of-Year School Events

As the end of the 2021-2022 school year winds down, many find they are in the throes of planning end-of-school events, such as commencements, proms, graduation parties, and championship banquets. Although, at first glance, these events seem harmless enough, it is not worth the risk of not having private security at these types of events where emotions run high, and there is often alcohol involved. Providing security guards as an extra level of safety and protection for events will always be a solid investment. No event planner ever reflected back and thought they shouldn't have hired security.

High School Events Need Security Guards

Prom and graduation are some of life’s most significant milestones. These events have taken on a new life of preparation, especially since they did not happen for at least one year due to the pandemic. Students are excited, life decisions are realized, and high school seniors are ready to be done with school and authority. As exciting as it is to be a part of these popular events, offering attendees additional security is invaluable. Choosing to have someone armed or not, just an authority figure in uniform, can immediately establish a sense of order. Most venues hosting proms and end-of-year high school events do not have security staff for these events. To ensure the students and guests are safe at the event, investing should be a consideration for anyone responsible for hosting and planning these events.

If there are underage people at one of these events and drinking is taking place, everyone is at higher risk. It increases the chances of someone becoming emotionally elevated and belligerent or a fight breaking out. If there are people that come to the event who are older and not supposed to be there, many other problems can result. Monitoring exits so that only ticket holders enter the event is a sure way to maintain control over this exciting time!

Commencement Ceremonies Need Security Detail

Commencement ceremonies mark a special time for graduates and their families. Often, even in larger venues, tickets are limited due to large class sizes, and this is especially true at university commencements and seen in high school graduations. As families and friends gather, having security at these busy, multi-faceted events is essential for smooth transitions and an orderly audience. Since tickets are limited, having security check tickets at the entrance ensures only those with tickets can access the area and get their guaranteed seats. Security guards can also stop any prohibited items entering the stadium or field area. Typically, no coolers, noisemakers, outside food, and drink are not permitted. These items are restricted and can be confiscated by a highly trained and professional security guard at the entrance. All these efforts are for the safety of the graduates, school staff, guest speakers, and guests. Another benefit of hiring private security guards for commencements is the valuables that the graduates and guests may leave temporarily unattended. Large universities will have staging tents where graduates line up, and often valuable and personal belongings are left in the area until after the ceremony is ended. It is worth protecting anything of value by having security patrol the site to continue their fantastic day without disruption when graduates return.

Outdoor graduations happen in the middle of summer when schools typically get out for the year. The risk of this, of course, is the possibility of heatstroke or dehydration that can occur and needs to be handled by someone trained in first aid and CPR if necessary. Many people who come to these events who are generally not out in the elements for an extended time keep security guards busy at these special events.

Only Hire the Best Security Guards

The best security guards handle disruptions calmy, and guests rarely even know something has happened. That is what the best security available offers for graduations and school events at the end of the year. As attendees scan the area, merely seeing a uniformed guard provides a point of contact in case of emergency and gives people peace of mind. Security guards offer more than protection. They provide a level of order and professionalism that puts everyone at ease.

These exceptional men and women with professional backgrounds in law enforcement and the military are professionals in emergencies who can handle evacuations, alarms, and first aid as they work seamlessly with other emergency agencies. Finding a nationwide provider, like Off Duty Officers Inc., that specializes in cities all over the United States gives the most local coverage available. Having inside knowledge of the area is a significant advantage when finding the best security guards for your end-of-year events. Please plan and call a coordinator today to get quotes and reserve qualified security guards for school events quickly approaching in the next couple of months.

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