Workplace Violence on The Rise

Disturbingly, statistics show that workplace violence crimes are steadily inclining. Some may have seen it coming as more workers return to the workplace, disgruntled or not. What is alarming is the types of crimes, and how liable companies become if employees are not adequately protected. More aggravated assaults, rapes, and robberies associated with the workplace lead to more deaths, of which a large percentage involve a firearm. What triggers the increasingly aggressive way people deal with one another at work? Although a trained psychologist may have some answers, employers need to know that to keep business running smoothly, measures must be taken to ensure employees feel safe and ARE safe.

The pressure is to provide extra safety measures as more significant numbers of workers return to the workplace. Although it sounds menial, if people have been remote for two years, they have to learn to work together again. Most people will be out of practice to some extent. Especially those who do not want to be there may be more challenging to work with. The potential of heightened emotions, good and bad, is guaranteed.

What Workplace Safety Measures Can Employers Offer

Let’s talk about a proactive approach. A proven way to help employees feel comfortable returning to the workplace is to have onsite security during business hours. One security guard, who can be hired either armed or unarmed, provides many benefits immediately. In an instant, the order is established, and ill behavior can easily be deterred or managed calmly and professionally without disturbing the workplace. Suppose a disgruntled employee, or someone being let go from their position, begins acting vulgar and creates a threatening environment. In that case, security can quickly and expertly address the individual and escort the person out if necessary. It doesn't stop there either. Security guards can ensure anyone causing disruption leaves the property entirely without causing damage to the building, parking garage, or other assets onsite.

Placing lighting in dark areas of parking areas and the workspaces and security cameras may also make people think twice before acting out at work. Expertly trained security guards can do an assessment ahead of time and identify anything that might create a higher risk. Risk assessment allows employers to address any areas of concern before they become a problem. As rapes and assaults are on the rise, leaving no spaces for these crimes to happen that are not monitored helps minimize the likelihood they will. Having highly trained security guards, not just standing at the door but becoming active members of the staff, allows full integration into the culture. Private security guards can monitor safety equipment, such as fire alarms, sprinklers, and extinguishers. Due to the expert background of the men and women who typically take on these roles after retiring from the military and law enforcement, they are no strangers to working with emergency agencies. If there is an emergency, and a mass evacuation is necessary, or someone needs First Aid, trained security guards are the point person at companies, alleviating the burden to other, less trained staff in these critical situations.

Another helpful thing an employer can do to provide safety for its employees is tracking access. Having a camera security system in place and entrance and exit tracking can be incredibly beneficial if a crime does occur. There are several options available to companies seeking this type of coverage. A reputable security firm will be able to provide resources to consider.

Creating a Stable Workplace Environment

All safety measures will create the most conducive workplace setting, allowing business as usual to get back to the new normal as soon as possible. Avoiding potentially disruptive and harmful situations between employees or employees and employers means staying the course. Although some of these measures mentioned do mean an investment on the front end, companies are wise to incorporate these safety measures into their budgets and find room for them this year. Security presence is no longer just for the lobbies of giant corporate towers. Security guards serve in many roles and are trained to provide extended assistance. Reputable nationwide providers, such as Off Duty Officers, continue to provide the highest quality officers to their clients. Off Duty Officers remain pioneers in training and watching risk trends to provide customers with the best coverage available. Consider doing your employees the service of allowing them to work at total capacity without worrying about unhappy or angry employees. It doesn't take much to create a hostile work environment. These hazards, left unchecked, can lead to workplace violence. Protect your people. Protect your assets. Protect your company. Consider calling for a free quote today and determine how to work additional security measures into your budget to eliminate workplace violence.

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