4 Reasons to Hire Loss Prevention Security Guards

If you are the owner of a store or other retail establishment, you know that loss of merchandise is a serious detriment to your bottom line. Theft from outside parties as well as from employees are some of the greatest threats to these types of businesses across the country. The best deterrent to theft is a professional loss prevention security guard on the premises. Whether you choose to hire one officer or a team, security guards send the message that you take security very seriously. 

Loss prevention guards serve a number of roles that will benefit your business. From detecting potential shoplifters to preventing would-be thieves from leaving with the merchandise, security guards with specialized skill in loss prevention will be your most valuable asset in keeping your business safe and secure. 

Top 4 Reasons to Hire Loss Prevention Security Guards for Your Business 

Prevent employee theft. 

It is an unfortunate reality that a large majority of theft experienced in retail establishments occurs at the hands of the employees. As an employer, you do your best to hire employees that will be honest and reliable, but this is sometimes impossible to avoid. 

According to some statistics, employee theft costs businesses throughout the United States about $50 billion per year. Theft comes in many forms and can be perpetrated by employees in all levels of the organization. Part-time employees can steal small amounts of money from the register, or take home a few pieces of apparel that won’t be noticed by the manager. Often, theft occurs at the highest levels of a business with the embezzlement of funds by high-level managers or even C-level executives. 

In any case, theft by employees is expensive and if left unchecked, could cause a business to have to shut their doors. An experienced loss prevention security guard will get to know your business and have the ability to identify suspicious behavior among your employees. They will be ideally positioned to observe employee actions and stop theft before it gets out of hand. 

Train employees to spot thieves.

Another valuable reason to hire a professional loss prevention officer is the knowledge they can share with your employees. Many employees may not be aware of the warning signs of a thief in action. A skilled guard will be able to train your team to identify suspicious behavior and how to act appropriately when they see something that isn’t right. Educated employees are one of your strongest defenses against theft, both internal and external. 

Identify and catch thieves. 

It takes a trained eye to spot the suspicious behaviors and activities that define theft. With a skilled and qualified loss prevention security guard on the premises, you can stop this crime even before it occurs. These specialized guards know the body language that signals that a person may be on the verge of committing a theft. Guards will have a good sense of the inventory on the property and be the first to know if something is missing. 

Perform investigations and liaise with law enforcement. 

Loss prevention security guards are trained to gather the necessary information to help prevent crime, and to help law enforcement do the same. They will know the kinds of evidence and other information that the police will need to find the perpetrators. An effective security guard will provide both store management and the authorities with the details that will make a difference in finding the thieves and stopping them from doing their crimes on your property again.

Leading Loss Prevention Security Guards in the Nation 

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