Why Your Party or Event Needs Security Guards

With many states open or in the process of reopening, people are feeling the urge to celebrate and be with friends and family. Parties, concerts and other events are back on the schedule for large and small venues across the country. Organizations and companies hosting large events have more than just health protocols to consider. They need to be extra vigilant in their security processes and procedures in order to protect the people in attendance and keep events open for all to enjoy. 

Large parties and events have unique security concerns that must be addressed by event operators. Events that host large numbers of people and alcohol can quickly get out of hand if security procedures are not put in place. If people get injured on the premises, there is a risk of liability for event managers as well as a hit to your reputation. 

If you are organizing a large scale event, music concert or private party, do not overlook security. By putting some work in at the beginning, you can ensure that your guests have an enjoyable time and that everyone stays safe and secure.

Top Reasons to Hire Party and Event Security Guards 

Parties are fun until a security threat puts lives in danger. Do not leave it up to chance. Instead, contact the experts in security at Off Duty Officers. We are the leading provider of security guards for trade shows, conventions, concerts, sporting events and private and large scale parties. If you are hosting one of the events mentioned above, read on to learn about the top reasons to hire security guards to protect your attendees.

Manage the Guest List 

While wedding crashing might seem fun in the movies, the reality is a different story altogether. If you are hosting a private event such as a wedding, retirement party or baby shower, the last thing you want is an uninvited guest accessing the property. 

Unwanted guests can cause a variety of problems from crowd control to violent attacks and everything in between. You never know their motive and whether they're capable of harming others. 

Instead of leaving the safety of your guests up to chance, skilled security officers can manage the access points at your venue to ensure that interlopers do not gain access. They can manage guest lists to ensure that only authorized individuals gain access to the premises. If someone does access the property, they can immediately deescalate the situation and remove the individual, while still maintaining discretion so your attendees can continue to have an enjoyable time. 

Protect Your Property

Large event venues, community parks and backyards all have unique security considerations. No matter where your event is taking place, it is imperative that you consider the unique security threats that your property poses. 

Your security team can assess the location of the venue to identify any security vulnerabilities or risks that could put your event in danger. They will look for areas that may require additional security presence to prevent bad actors from accessing the location. They can also work with the venue to create security protocols that will provide the utmost protection for your guests. 

Further, security guards can be stationed throughout the event and patrol the outlying areas to ensure that guests remain safe and to identify any suspicious behavior that could create a problem. 

Crowd Control

The allure of attending a large scale event has much to do with the size of the crowd. Large crowds have an energy unlike anything else, causing people to feel a unique sense of freedom and sometimes act in ways they wouldn't normally. 

Large parties and events that host hundreds or thousands of people can experience problems with crowd control. Especially in circumstances where substances are involved, large rowdy crowds could pose a safety hazard for your guests. 

Security guards with specific training in crowd control tactics can handle a wide variety of situations as they occur. Live guard patrols are effective at identifying locations where people are getting out of hand. They use professional de-escalation skills to remedy the situation. If a crowd has gotten out of hand, security personnel will be able to assist attendees in evacuating to a safer location.

Emergency Response

In the unfortunate event of an emergency situation at your party or event, you want someone there who has the training and knowledge to handle the situation efficiently. Security officers receive training in a variety of disciplines, including basic first aid and emergency security protocols. If a crime, medical emergency or fire were to occur, the security personnel on site will be the first to act. 

Crime Prevention 

One of the primary responsibilities of a security guard is to be a deterrent to criminal activity. Very often, their mere presence at a venue is enough to deter people from committing a crime. Uniformed guards provide a sense of authority to your attendees and encourage them to follow the rules for the safety of all in attendance. Security guards can be highly effective at deterring crime and preventing violent acts from occurring. They can monitor and search guests to ensure that no weapons are carried into the venue. 

Ensure the safety of your party or event by hiring professional security guards. Contact Off Duty Officers today to learn more about our party and event security services for your next function. 

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