5 Reasons to Hire Construction Security Guards

Construction sites are often targeted by bad actors who want access to the valuable equipment and materials that can be found there. As an operator of one of these sites, you are responsible for keeping property and people safe. In order to achieve that goal, you must take security seriously. 

Security guards are one of the most effective deterrents to the kinds of crimes that are typically perpetrated on a construction site. Keep your valuable assets secure by choosing to hire professional guards who are specifically trained to secure large construction sites. Off Duty Officers offers the premier security teams that know how to protect your site, keep your equipment secure and keep your job running on time and on budget. 

If you are still on the fence as to whether or not construction security guards can help you, consider the top 5 reasons why successful construction operations choose security guards to protect their assets.

Deter theft, vandalism and trespassing. 

It is an unfortunate reality that construction sites are frequent targets for crimes such as burglary, vandalism and trespassing. The reasons are obvious. Literally tons of valuable materials and expensive equipment are sitting around, often unattended, especially during off hours. Both novice and experienced criminals see construction sites as valuable targets where they can make a big score under the cover of night. More brazen bad actors will even attempt their crime during the day.

Uniformed guards are one of your best defenses against these kinds of crimes. The sight of a guard on the premises is often enough to deter would-be criminals from even attempting to infiltrate your site. Guards demonstrate to the outside that your construction site takes security seriously and that the chances of getting away with a crime there are minimal. 

Manage access to the premises. 

Construction sites are busy operations where many people constantly come in and out. From your laborers to vendors, a successful and secure operation must have processes in place to manage access to the premises and control visitors. Without a system for managing access to the property, your site can be even more vulnerable to theft and vandalism. 

Security guards can work to counteract that by standing watch over all entrances and exits. They can check credentials, log visitors and act when an unauthorized individual enters the premises. If someone approaches the site without valid credentials, trained guards can contact the appropriate authority to verify or deny access.  

Perform mobile patrols. 

Construction sites can be massive properties. It is impossible to closely monitor every square foot without the help of trained, professional staff of guards who know what to look for and how to react in the face of a security situation. 

Foot and vehicle patrols help you monitor your property effectively so you can feel confident that your valuable assets are protected. Guards can perform foot or vehicle patrols at both scheduled and random intervals, so your security is always fluid and never stagnant. Utilizing the latest in communication equipment, guards can quickly communicate with each other, you and the local authorities in the event of a security breach. 

Provide detailed reports. 

In order to stay on top of all security issues on the site, it is critical that accurate and comprehensive records are kept at all times. With professional security guards, you can rest assured that there are qualified and competent personnel on the premises who are documenting security incidents and unusual behavior. Reports can be useful when assisting law enforcement after a crime has been committed, increasing the chances that the perpetrators will be found and held responsible for their crime.  

Save you time and money. 

As a manager of a construction site, you are responsible for bringing the job in on budget and on time. While you may initially hesitate to hire construction site security guards due to the added cost to your bottom line, think about all the time, money and hassle you will save. Theft or destruction of even one piece of heavy equipment could cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Repairing vandalized structures could cost you in materials and labor. 

By having a professional team of security guards on site, you can avoid these unnecessary costs and keep your workers feeling safe. At Off Duty Officers, we provide dedicated guards to protect and secure your construction site at rates that are fair. We proudly serve sites across the nation by offering the leading security services for construction sites of any size. 

Do you have questions about hiring security guards for your construction site? Contact the security specialists at Off Duty Officers today. Our team is ready to help you choose the best security solutions for your unique needs. 

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