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When it comes to providing the best Fire Watch Security in Riverside County, Off Duty Officers has fire watch teams with the most experience in the industry. Off Duty Officers lead the fire watch security industry because of their high level of commitment to safety during fire watch needs.

Off Duty Officers Fire Watch teams have more experience, are more reliable, familiar with, and able to ensure compliance with all Riverside County Fire Code requirements. When it comes to monitoring safety equipment during repairs and installations, only the professional Fire Watch Security Guards at Off Duty Officers guarantee exceptional quality, attentiveness, and safety for those on-site.

When safety systems are offline or hot work is scheduled, Off Duty Officers guarantee the highest quality fire watch security personnel available in Riverside. All Off Duty Officers Fire Watch Security Guards are bonded, licensed, and have extensive experience, specifically in fire watch. Businesses, new construction, renovations, and demolitions all require safety systems to be offline. It is necessary to meet Riverside’s fire code anytime safety systems are offline. Providing a highly qualified and trained fire watch security team is the only way to keep people safe and ensure that fires don’t break out and cause hazards. Off Duty Officers become the safety watch when equipment is offline or hot work processes are taking place. Our Fire Watch Security are excellent at what they do.

Riverside Fire Watch Services

To comply with Riverside’s Fire Watch requirements, businesses need to hire the best fire watch security to ensure top-notch safety when equipment is offline or malfunctioning. Riverside County is a high fire risk area in Southern California, so it is critical to work with a provider like Off Duty Officers, who have knowledge of the local fire codes and ensure compliance to avoid fines and unnecessary risks.

Anytime you are planning the following, Fire Watch Security is mandated by Riverside County:

  • Demolition and new construction.
  • Occupancy changes that modify safety equipment requirements.
  • Scheduled hot work and welding done at any facility.
  • Maintenance and testing of safety equipment.
  • Events that may exceed occupancy limits will require Fire Watch Security Guards to ensure guest safety and someone experienced who can successfully lead evacuation efforts.

When working with a contractor to do safety equipment maintenance, fire watch security is mandated throughout the time it is not fully functioning or hot work processes are occurring. Off Duty Officers remain on assignment until all equipment is online and tested and work with you to ensure all Riverside County Fire Code requirements are met. Off Duty Officers are trained to work 24-hour Fire Watch shifts, are professional, and act in emergencies while remaining calm and confident to lead people to safety.

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Riverside County’s Best Fire Watch Security Provider

fire watch security san diegoRiverside businesses rely on Off Duty Officers for their Fire Watch Security needs. Since 1993, Off Duty Officers has provided excellent Fire Watch Security and continues to be the most consistent and reliable provider in Riverside. Off Duty Officers value every customer and work diligently to provide exceptional Fire Watch services at affordable rates to all Riverside customers!

Fire Watch requires incredible focus when safety equipment is down for maintenance or installation. Off Duty Officers Fire Watch personnel watch over the entire facility from opening to closing and are trained to identify fire hazards before they become an issue. Additionally, these exceptional Fire Watch Security Guards are wholly dedicated to providing only the highest level of service to our Riverside customers. When it comes to hiring Fire Watch Security, there is no other provider that promises exceptional service from licensed and bonded professionals. Off Duty Officers pride themselves on offering the best Fire Watch teams in the business and can dispatch a highly qualified security guard more quickly than any other provider.

Riverside’s Emergency Fire Watch Services

Riverside County is a high fire risk area, so having the best Fire Watch Security teams in place is critical. The risk is too high to skip using a fire watch when Riverside's Fire Code requires oversight. Open flames or offline safety equipment can have devastating results when Fire Watch is not on site. If you have a business in Riverside or a construction project requiring Fire Watch, call today for a free quote, and get your Fire Watch team in place.

Off Duty Officers have the most qualified and exceptional Fire Watch Security Guards in Riverside. Insight and knowledge of the intricacies of Fire Watch ensure nothing is missed during their Fire Watch duties. When an emergency occurs, Off Duty Officers do not miss a beat, stay professional, remain calm, and get everyone to safety. Riverside’s emergency services highly regard Off Duty Officers for their ability to respond appropriately to emergencies and hazards.

Riverside County has no better Fire Watch Security than Off Duty Officers. Owned by retired law enforcement, we provide the best Fire Watch Security in the business. If you have an immediate fire watch security need, contact Off Duty Officers today for a free quote, which can be done online or by calling (844)350-5628.

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