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Sacramento takes fire safety seriously, and working with experienced professionals from Off Duty Officers, Inc. ensures the highest level of fire protection available in Sacramento. Sacramento business owners must have fire watch guards on site to ensure safety when fire alarms and/or fire sprinklers are being installed, maintained or are malfunctioning. All new and tenant change construction in Sacramento must comply with the fire code for fire safety. It is the experience and training of licensed, insured and bonded fire watch security guards that keep things safe. There are too many things that can go wrong when safety equipment is down, or hot work processes are happening. When it counts, hire the best and most requested fire watch security guards in Sacramento.

Our skilled fire watch personnel are trained in fire watch protocol, including meticulous fire watch log keeping, adhering to guidelines when notifying building occupants, and safety services during an emergency. Our fire watch team's knowledge of Sacramento fire requirements allows them to arrive on assignment, trained and equipped to prevent and protect.

What Services Do Exceptional Fire Watch Security Guards in Sacramento Perform?

In Sacramento, fire watch is mandated to prevent fire outbreaks and overwatch is a mitigation effort. Our highly trained guards perform fire watch in the following scenarios:

  • When fire safety equipment is not working or is damaged.
  • During new construction and demolition at construction sites.
  • Tenant changes when safety equipment will be down for maintenance or to comply with fire code for different occupancy type.
  • When a special event will involve exceeding occupancy limits for a structure.
  • When welding and other hot work processes are scheduled in a construction site or facility.

Sacramento requires fire watch security when fire protection systems are not fully functioning or being newly installed. Building owners and tenants are responsible to hire fire watch security from a licensed and bonded security firm such as Off Duty Officers. Our rates are affordable, and we can dispatch trained fire watch security guards to Sacramento right away! Fire watch personnel remain on-site from opening until the last person leaves. When a fire safety system is damaged, our fire watch security guards provide focused and continuous security overwatch, day and night, until fire safety equipment is back online and working properly.

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Off Duty Officers Unmatched in Fire Watch Security Quality and Value

fire watch two men watching hot workWhen it comes to choosing the best fire watch security services in Sacramento, off Duty Officers can't be beaten when it comes to quality and value. We understand fire watch is a requirement and want to offer Sacramento clients affordable fire watch security rates so that complying with Sacramento's fire code is more manageable. Business owners and tenants must hire contractors to provide fire watch safety anytime there are hot work processes or safety equipment is not fully functioning (this includes new installations and tenant changes). All our highly trained fire watch security personnel are fully licensed, bonded, insured, and excellent at what they do. Off Duty Officers, Inc. is hands-down the best fire watch available throughout Sacramento. Our services are designed to meet your specific fire watch needs, whether for hours, days, or longer. We take fire safety seriously, and when a system or equipment is damaged or offline, our fire watch guards provide exceptional overwatch.

Off Duty Officers is the Leading Sacramento Fire Watch Security Provider

Off Duty Officers, Inc. ensures top-notch, professional 24-hour fire watch services to businesses throughout Sacramento and surrounding areas. Businesses who want to comply with the rigid fire codes and regulations in Sacramento can trust the experience of off Duty Officers. Our fire watch security guard services provide overwatch for businesses, school campuses, hospitals, warehouses, ports, construction sites and more. If you need 24-hour fire watch, you can rely on the professional services of Off Duty Officers. 

Sacramento businesses must contract fire watch services in order to meet the fire code requirements when safety equipment, such as sprinklers or an alarm system, are inoperable or damaged. Off Duty Officers are specifically trained in delivering emergency fire watch to businesses and construction sites in Sacramento that are integrating a fire protection system or are having issues with their existing fire safety systems.

Prompt reply for emergency fire watch services.

Our security guard company promptly replies to emergency Fire Watch Service requests and dispatch fire watch personnel. Our security response crew remains on site until fire safety alarm and sprinkler systems are entirely operable, examined, and sanctioned by the Sacramento Fire Marshall.

Off Duty Officers have provided Fire Watch to small and enterprise businesses in the United States since 1993. Our Fire Watch team is respected as the USA's leading fire watch company. if you need fire watch services in Sacramento, contact us today for a free quote!

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