Why Your Nightclub Needs Professional Security Guards

Hiring the right people for any job can be a difficult task. When it comes to the bar and nightclub industry, hiring the best staff can be even more challenging. Employee turnover rates are high. The party atmosphere, paired with copious amounts of alcohol, can create frequent dangerous situations. Still, most party-goers expect to be safe and secure while in your establishment, no matter the potential risks.

If you own or manage a nightclub or bar, security guards are some of the most critical roles to fill in your business. Commonly referred to as bouncers, security guards at these kinds of establishments need to be specially trained to manage crowds and intoxicated people. They will be faced with a plethora of difficult situations, including physical and verbal altercations, shootings and theft, to name a few.

Untrained security guards who do not have the skills, experience or knowledge to mitigate these kinds of threats satisfactorily can put the lives of hundreds of people in danger. Plus, violence and other dangerous events at your bar or club can mean negative press that will have a dramatic impact on your business. Running an establishment where patrons can let loose while still having peace of mind that they are secure can keep customers coming back again and again.

The Role of a Nightclub or Bar Security Guard

While the needs of every establishment are different, there are several important roles that all security guards at bars and nightclubs will hold while on duty. Security guards will primarily manage access to the premises, enforce rules and prevent or react to dangerous situations as they occur. The role of the security guard is to provide a sense of safety and security, not only for the patrons but for the business owners and staff as well. Other duties of a bar or nightclub security guard may include:

Managing Access to the Premises

Although bar and club owners have many concerns, two of the primary issues they face involve managing access to the venue. There are strict regulations that limit the number of patrons inside a venue at one time. Security guards help to ensure that the establishment never exceeds capacity and avoids costly fines or worse - the closure of the business.

In addition to the overall capacity of the venue, security guards check identification to ensure that all patrons who enter the bar or club are of legal drinking age. Underage guests at a bar or club can not only result in fines and business closures; they can put people in serious danger. Even the mere presence of a security guard at the door can deter underage party-goers from attempting to enter the establishment.

Enforcing the Rules of the Establishment

Every business has rules of conduct for their staff and patrons. For bars and nightclubs, following the rules of the venue is even more vital for the safety of everyone there. Whether that means checking identification, enforcing a dress code or removing those who are acting unruly, well-trained security guards can help business owners maintain a safe environment and avoid fines. Security guards can also work closely with venue staff to help them enforce the rules when necessary.  

Handling Dangerous Situations

Loud music, alcohol and a sense of letting loose can be ingredients for a fun time. They can also result in dangerous and unsafe situations for guests and staff alike. It is not uncommon for violence, assaults, theft, fires and other unfortunate events to occur at a bar or nightclub.

Professional security guards will have the training to handle unruly or intoxicated guests in a peaceful yet effective manner. They can safely evacuate guests in the event of an emergency, such as a shooting or fire. Guards can also act as liaisons with law enforcement personnel to communicate during and after a violent or dangerous event. 

Security Guards Protect People and Businesses

When you think of a security guard at a bar or club, you probably think of a strong, unsmiling presence standing at the door. The reality is that guards at these kinds of establishments play a vital and often unrecognized role in the bar or nightclub industry. Security guards protect business owners by enforcing rules and regulations. They protect patrons and staff by deterring threats, reacting professionally to dangerous situations as they arise, and assisting those who have been the victims of an assault or other crime.

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