The Top 5 Duties of Security Guards

Are you looking for a career change? Do you want to protect people and property from harm? You might want to consider a career as a professional security guard. Security guards play an important role in protecting the things that matter most. Guards can be found in retail establishments, construction sites, hospitals or guarding VIPs and high-profile executives. 

If you are thinking about a career in the security field, you most likely have a number of questions about the typical duties and responsibilities of security guards. The truth is that the specific duties vary depending on the needs of the customer. In general, security guards act as a deterrent. Their job is to prevent a crime from happening by proactively watching for suspicious behavior, mitigating risks as they appear and contacting the proper authorities when an incident occurs. Simply put, security guards keep people, property and other valuable assets safe and secure. 

The Top Duties of Security Personnel 

Security guards can take on a variety of roles depending upon the needs of the customer. Off Duty Officers provides some of the most professional security guard services for customers in a wide range of industries and for a variety of security needs. We specialize in the following security solutions: 

  • Fire Watch 
  • Armed and Unarmed Guards
  • Workplace Violence
  • Corporate Events
  • Executive Protection
  • VIP and Personal Security 
  • Trade Show Security
  • Residential Security
  • Retail Security 
  • Mobile Patrols 
  • Temporary Security Personnel 
  • Construction Site Security

Many retired or off-duty law enforcement and military personnel find a career as a security guard challenging and fulfilling. Let’s explore 5 of the top roles and responsibilities of security guards. 

5 Top Responsibilities of Security Personnel

Be a visible deterrent to crime. 

Criminals are far less likely to perpetrate a crime such as theft, vandalism or a physical assault when there is a security guard present. The mere presence of security personnel will stop would-be burglars, muggers and shoplifters from attempting to cause harm to people or property. 

Identifying suspicious behavior.

While your employees are busy doing their jobs, criminals could be at work doing their jobs. Businesses benefit greatly from having a dedicated team keeping watch and identifying irregular and suspicious behavior. Business owners cannot expect their employees to have the skills to identify when something isn’t right. Security guards have the training and expertise to identify when there is a smell, sound or sight that is abnormal and needs attention.  

Contacting and communicating with the authorities.

In the unfortunate event of an emergency situation, security guards act as a knowledgeable resource and point of contact for the authorities. Security guards are trained to observe and gather the information that fire or law enforcement authorities need to do their jobs. Security guards act as partners with business owners, police and fire services.

Monitoring access to properties. 

One of the most prevalent threats for businesses is unauthorized access to a property. Hospitals, construction sites, schools and other high-profile organizations understand the need for vigilant monitoring of their entrances and exits. Security guards can check credentials and maintain logs of visitors, vendors and employees. 

Taking action in emergency situations. 

Security guards have the skills and training to respond to any emergency as it arises. As a dedicated watchful eye, security personnel are often the first to know about a security situation and the first to act. They are able to assist in evacuations and other serious security events. 

Do You Want to Become a Security Guard? 

If you think you want to be a security guard, it’s important to know the primary roles and responsibilities of security personnel to determine if it’s the right fit for you. Businesses across all industries are hiring professional security personnel to help protect their most valuable assets. Guards are trained to know how to handle any variety of situations and react appropriately to the needs of any business.

Since 1993, Off Duty Officers has been the nation’s leading provider of off-duty law enforcement and military personnel to businesses in industries including healthcare, technology, construction and entertainment. A career in security is fulfilling, challenging and ever-changing. Although we just touched upon some of the primary duties of security guards, the job can offer an endless number of responsibilities for those who want to serve and protect. 

If you are interested in starting a career with Off Duty Officers, provide us with your information and we will contact all qualified candidates. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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