Why You Should Hire Wedding Security Guards

Your wedding day should be one of love, family and celebration. For some people, especially high-profile individuals such as celebrities, executives or politicians, weddings can become targets. While the couple plans menus and other ceremony details, they should not neglect to consider their security and that of their guests. Security guards are one of the most effective ways to secure your event and ensure the safety of everyone in attendance. With a little forethought regarding security, you can ensure that the day remains a joyous event, rather than a security incident.

Security guards from an experienced company can help the bride and groom relieve some of the stress they may experience when hosting a large event. Believe it or not, there are a number of common security breaches that can occur at weddings. If you are planning a wedding, consider hiring professional security guards to help you combat these security threats.

Crowd Control

While there are likely to be few people at your wedding that you do not know, the mixture of the celebratory energy and alcohol can result in some rowdy behavior. Open bars at celebrations such as weddings can encourage people to drink more than they typically would. While in many cases this results in some interesting dance moves and plenty of laughs, in other cases, it can cause a dangerous or embarrassing situation.

In cases where individuals let loose to a point of disruption, a hired security guard can handle the situation quickly and discreetly so your guests can continue to enjoy the event. By having security guards on site, brides and grooms can avoid the uncomfortable circumstance of having to ask a guest to settle down or leave the wedding. Your security guard can use their training in de-escalation techniques to calm the individual down or escort them off the property. Guards can even help them obtain safe transportation from the venue to ensure there is no liability.

Monitoring Guest Access

Weddings that host hundreds of people require significant coordination among a number of service providers as well as the bride and groom. The amount of time and energy that goes into planning the perfect wedding is enormous. Not only that, weddings are not inexpensive affairs. There is great expense of both time and financial resources when planning a wedding event.

Because of this, brides and grooms do not want uninvited guests infiltrating the reception. Security guards can help you monitor access to the venue so you know that only invited guests are on the premises. They can manage a guestlist and log all vendors that come into and out of the property. Guards can also patrol the property to identify interlopers or other suspicious behavior.

Protecting Wedding Gifts

While many wedding gift registries are handled online, there will still be plenty of guests who bring a gift to the wedding. Whether it is a physical item or a card with money inside, there may be valuable property on the premises that could be tempting to a would-be thief.

Security guards can be valuable help in protecting these gifts and ensuring that they go to the proper recipients. They can stand guard at the gift table to ensure that once the gifts are placed there they are not removed by anyone except the bride and groom. Your guards can also help secure these items and store them away somewhere for safekeeping.

Securing the Parking Lot

Weddings held at large venues can hold hundreds of guests. Many of them will arrive in their own vehicles and leave them in the parking lot while they celebrate the marriage of their friends or family. They expect that their car will be safe and sound until they're ready to retire in the evening. However, this is not always the case. Vehicles in parking lots that are unsecured can be targets for thieves who know that the owners of the vehicles will be occupied for several hours.

Security guards can patrol the parking lot to deter thieves and to identify suspicious behavior before it becomes a security incident.

Does your wedding need security guards?

Many people may think that security guards at a wedding are only meant for celebrities and other high-profile individuals. While it is true that famous people cannot host an event like this without additional security, regular citizens would be surprised to know that even their event faces serious security threats as well. 

If you are hosting a wedding, consider hiring security guards from Off Duty Officers. Our team is standing by to help you understand the services we can provide and the protection that you can enjoy with guards from our team at your wedding event.

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