Does Your Executive Need Protection?

Executives for large companies can be targets for a variety of threats. They have high-powered positions, financial means and high-visibility, all of which can attract the ire of bad actors who want to make a point. The internet has made these executives even more known to the public. Whether they want it or not, executives’ personal information can be easily obtained by those who have the desire. 

Executive protection security guards can be valuable assets to executives who require competent yet discreet protection from threats. Guards can provide a wide variety of services to executives and other high-profile individuals who feel that their safety or that of their family is at stake. 

Once you decide that you need protection, executives must decide what kind of protection they require. Off Duty Officers can help CEOs, board members and other high-profile business executives gain a better understanding of their risks and help them devise a custom security plan that is responsive to their needs. 

Why Hire Executive Protection Security Guards 

Security guards provide valuable services unlike anything else available today. The mere presence of a guard is often enough to deter would-be bad actors from attempting to harm or embarrass an executive. Hiring professional guards demonstrates your commitment to your security and that of your family, property and business. 

Executives who choose protection services state three primary benefits. First, executives who have security guards on their team feel much safer traveling both home and abroad. They have peace of mind knowing that there are professionals standing at their side to help identify suspicious people or behavior and react quickly to potential danger. They feel confident knowing that when they are in new cities or buildings, there is a team who can help evaluate risks and take necessary precautions to keep them safe. Guards who accompany an executive on any travel outside of the office, can mitigate risk by performing pre-travel assessments and work with venues to ensure that safety protocols are enforced. 

Another obvious benefit of hiring executive protection security guards is the ability to be proactive when it comes to your safety and security. Busy executives have a lot on their plates and are not always able to do the research required to adequately protect themselves. They are not always aware of potential risks that they may face, both inside and outside of the office. 

Executive security services can help you stay ahead of potential risks by bringing their experience, knowledge and research to the table. They have a deep understanding of the risks you may face and can take actions preemptively to prevent a threat from becoming a reality. 

Finally, high-powered executives can focus their attention on their work rather than on their security. Hiring security guards to protect you can allow you to be more productive and focused. It can also give you the freedom and time to be with your loved ones outside of work hours without worrying about their safety. 

Executive Protection Services 

The needs of every executive are different. At Off Duty Officers, we understand that you need services customized to your unique needs. Executive protection security guards can provide a range of services to give you the right amount of security. Some of the most common services requested by executives seeking security guard solutions include: 

Armed protection 

Armed guards are ideal for executives who require the highest level of security possible. Shareholder meetings, product launches and other high-profile events can attract disgruntled ex-employees or others who seek attention, revenge or some other unknown motive. Licensed and highly-trained armed guards can provide the greatest level of protection in even the most dangerous situations.

Protection while traveling 

When executives go anywhere, whether it's local travel or abroad, there are risks both known and unknown. Visiting new cities or attending meetings in new venues can pose a variety of risks that can put an executive in harm's way. Executive protection security guards can travel with you and be your eyes and ears on the ground in unfamiliar locations. 

Executive Protection Security Services from Off Duty Officers 

If you are in need of professional and highly experienced executive protection security guards, contact Off Duty Officers today. We are the leading provider of security guards in the nation, providing highly competent and reliable off duty and retired law enforcement and military personnel to executives who need the best security available. 

Contact our security specialists to learn more about our executive protection security services and find out how you can get started today.  

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