Why Long Term Security Is Good For Business

The kind of security you need depends a lot on the type of business you run. While temporary security guards make sense for special events or limited-time engagements, many businesses would be better served by contracting with long-term guard services. 

Residential communities, commercial buildings and construction sites find that consistent security guard teams on site provide them with comprehensive security and cost savings in the long run. 

Your need for security will never cease. There will always be an emerging security threat that your business will face. While short term guards have their place, some businesses would be better served by long term security.

If you are considering short term or long term security guards to protect your business, read on to learn of the top benefits of long term security guards.

Reliable Protection

Do you know when your guards are on site? Can you rely on a guard to be there when a security threat emerges? Guards who are on site periodically may not be there when you need them. Business owners, employees, customers and residents may not know who to turn to if a security threat arises. 

On the other hand, guards who are a standard presence on the property instill a sense of confidence and reliability. People know who to turn to if they need help. Long term guards can be trusted to be there when security is compromised. 

Long Term Relationships

The longer a guard works with you, the more they will understand your business. Employees and customers will recognize your guards. They will become a trusted face when they arrive to your business. At the same time, your security guard will become familiar with those who are authorized to be on the premises and those who are not.

Hiring new security on a regular basis interrupts this relationship building and your ability to maintain a strong security presence. The trust that builds between your guards and your business can increase feelings of productivity and well-being among your staff and customers. In turn, your business is more productive. 

Stronger Security

You want to work with guards who understand the ins and outs of protecting your business. From understanding your vulnerability points both inside and outside the building to monitoring guests, an effective security guard is one who knows your unique needs on any given day. 

Even the most highly trained guards require time to learn these unique facets of a business. By working with security personnel for the long term, your guards are able to develop this understanding of your business and become that much more effective. Short term guards may be able to react to situations as they occur, but they often cannot be proactive. This is because they do not have the knowledge and experience of your business to do so.

Crime Prevention and Deterrence

While there are many stupid criminals out there, there are just as many who are organized and intelligent. If your business is the target, these types of criminals will take the time to explore your business’ vulnerabilities and understand patterns so they can have the best chance of getting away with their crime.

Hiring guards periodically can be a huge advantage to criminals who are staking out your business. They will see that your business is vulnerable and will strike. A consistent guard presence acts as a deterrent because the criminal knows that your business is protected 24/7.

Long Term Security From Off Duty Officers

Security officers on long term assignments get to know your business and the people who operate within it. They use their training, skills and experience as well as their developing knowledge of your business to provide you with superior protection.

At Off Duty Officers, we are the leading provider of off duty and retired law enforcement and military personnel and standard guards available in the business. We understand that every business is unique and provide custom security guard solutions to meet your needs.

If you are unsure whether short term or long term security guards are the best option for you, contact our experienced security specialists today. We will work with you to better understand your needs and provide you with cutting edge security guard solutions to meet your needs and your budget.

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