Don’t Think Your Business Needs Security Guards? Think Again

All too often, we hear from business owners in a state of panic because their business has just had their first security incident. They're worried and frustrated, and want to do what it takes to protect their business, employees and customers from harm.

New businesses and those who have never had a security issue may underestimate the importance of having a robust security plan. Unfortunately, many business owners don't take action until they've already become a victim.

At Off Duty Officers, we want to encourage clients to work with a security guard company from the start. By being proactive, business owners can be aware of their greatest security vulnerabilities and confident in the security processes they have in place.

If you think your business doesn't need security guards, here are 5 reasons why a security guard could be one of the best business decisions you've ever made.

5 Reasons to Hire Security Guards

High volume of visitors

Businesses that experience high numbers of people in and out are at a higher risk of property theft, vandalism, loitering and physical assaults. Busy shopping malls, sports and music venues and even construction sites may have hundreds or thousands of people entering and exiting each day.

A dedicated security guard team can help you manage your access points to ensure that people are entering and exiting in an orderly fashion. They can keep visitors out of restricted areas and ensure that only authorized visitors are on the property. With their high level of training, they are adept at identifying suspicious behavior and stopping a crime before it even takes place.

Increases in crime in the area

Even if your business has not yet been a target, an increase in crime can be a signal to you that it's time to take preventative measures. Be active in the community in which your business is located. Talk to other business owners to learn about security vulnerabilities they may be aware of in the area.

By hiring security guards to perform live guard patrols or to stand guard at your entrances, you can deter a would-be thief from attempting to target your property.

Protecting your employees

Depending on the nature of your business, you may have employees on the property 24 hours a day. Some employees may be leaving late at night or arriving very early in the morning. These times of day are when your business and your employees are at their most vulnerable.

Security guards act as a second set of eyes to identify suspicious activity that could put your employees in harm's way. They can accompany your employees to their vehicles to ensure that they feel safe and secure and that your liability is reduced.

You operate a large parking area

It is an unfortunate reality that many crimes take place in large parking lots and parking garages. Often, these locations have poor lighting or layouts that make it easy for people to perpetrate a wide variety of crimes.

From robberies and car-jackings to assaults and vandalism, parking lots can put the security of your customers and employees at risk. Security guards can perform both random and scheduled patrols to address issues right away. They can identify inoperable light fixtures, broken gates or other issues that could leave your property vulnerable.

You serve alcohol on site

Music and sporting venues, fairgrounds, retail centers and other venues that serve alcoholic beverages can be at an increased risk. High emotions, paired with too much alcohol, can result in physical and verbal altercations and other tense situations that could put people’s safety at risk.

Security guards can be to your advantage. The mere presence of a security guard may be enough to calm tensions. If a situation does arise, bystanders will have a point of contact who can take immediate action to keep people safe.

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